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St Thomas Street, SE1

St Thomas Street is an extremely old thoroughfare.
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Joiner Street, SE1Joiner Street, SE1
16 December 2018
Joiner Street is now part of London Bridge Street.
Maidstone Buildings Mews, SE1Maidstone Buildings Mews, SE1
16 December 2018
Maidstone Buildings Mews is one of the streets of London in the SE1postal area.
Chapel Court, SE1Chapel Court, SE1
16 December 2018
Chapel Court has hosted The Blue-Eyed Maid pub since 1613.
Austral StreetAustral Street
16 December 2018
Austral Street runs from West Square to Brook Drive.
Postal area SE1Postal area SE1
16 December 2018
The SE1 postcode is the main postal district of the SE area of the London postal area.
Rupert Street, E1Rupert Street, E1
15 December 2018
Rupert Street was situated to the east of Leman Street.
Postal area BR8Postal area BR8
15 December 2018
The BR8 postcode is part of the BR postcode area.
Cecil Court, WC2HCecil Court, WC2H
13 December 2018
Cecil Court is a pedestrian street with Victorian shop-frontages.
Beeston Place, SW1WBeeston Place, SW1W
12 December 2018
Beeston Place was formerly part of the Grosvenor family estate and the family owned land in Beeston, Cheshire.
Wat Tyler Road, SE10Wat Tyler Road, SE10
11 December 2018
Wat Tyler Road was named for the rebel who launched the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381.
Waldegrave Road, TW11Waldegrave Road, TW11
11 December 2018
Waldegrave Road is named after Frances Waldegrave.
Ayres Street, SE1Ayres Street, SE1
11 December 2018
Ayres Street was formerly known as Whitecross Street.
Mavelstone Road, BR1Mavelstone Road, BR1
10 December 2018
Mavelstone Road dates from early in the Edwardian period.
Goodman’s FieldsGoodman’s Fields
9 December 2018
Goodman’s Fields was a farm beyond the walls of the City.
Goodman’s Yard, E1Goodman’s Yard, E1
8 December 2018
Goodman’s Yard is a street between Minories and Mansell Street.
Leman Street, E1Leman Street, E1
7 December 2018
Leman Street was named after Sir John Leman.
Prescot Street, E1Prescot Street, E1
6 December 2018
Prescot Street was named for Rebecca Prescott, wife of William Leman.
Alie Street, E1Alie Street, E1
5 December 2018
Originally called Ayliff Street, Alie Street was named after a relative of William Leman, whose great-uncle, John Leman had bought Goodman’s Fields.
Wilberforce Road, N4Wilberforce Road, N4
4 December 2018
Wilberforce Road was named after politician William Wilberforce.
Whitehall, SW1AWhitehall, SW1A
4 December 2018
Whitehall is recognised as the centre of the government of the United Kingdom.
Postal area W1BPostal area W1B
4 December 2018
3 December 2018
Westminster - heart of government.
Spring Gardens, SW1ASpring Gardens, SW1A
2 December 2018
Spring Gardens derives its name from the Spring Garden, formed in the 16th century as an addition to the pleasure grounds of Whitehall Palace.
Fentiman Road, SW8Fentiman Road, SW8
1 December 2018
Fentiman Road is named after local mid-19th century developer John Fentiman.
Kinnerton Street, SW1XKinnerton Street, SW1X
30 November 2018
Kinnerton Street - a small winding street - was originally the service road for Wilton Place and Wilton Crescent.
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