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Wat Tyler Road, SE10

Wat Tyler Road was named for the rebel who launched the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381.
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Wilberforce Road, N4Wilberforce Road, N4
4 December 2018
Wilberforce Road was named after politician William Wilberforce.
Postal area W1BPostal area W1B
4 December 2018
Kinnerton Street, SW1XKinnerton Street, SW1X
30 November 2018
Kinnerton Street - a small winding street - was originally the service road for Wilton Place and Wilton Crescent.
Canon Row, SW1ACanon Row, SW1A
29 November 2018
Canon Row is at least one thousand year’s old.
Broadwick Street, W1FBroadwick Street, W1F
28 November 2018
Broadwick Street runs west-east between Marshall Street and Wardour Street, crossing Berwick Street.
Bramber Road, N12Bramber Road, N12
27 November 2018
Bramber Road was built on the former land of the White House Estate.
Palmerston Road, N22Palmerston Road, N22
26 November 2018
Palmerston Road was previously a tree-lined avenue.
Postal area NW1Postal area NW1
26 November 2018
The NW1 postcode lies immediately north of the West End.
Myddleton Road, N22Myddleton Road, N22
25 November 2018
Myddleton Road runs east-west from the High Road to Whittington Road.
Pinkham Way, N12Pinkham Way, N12
24 November 2018
Pinkham Way is a section of the North Circular Road.
Alma PrimaryAlma Primary
23 November 2018
Alma Primary School is a Jewish school (capacity 210) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Bull and Mouth Street, EC1ABull and Mouth Street, EC1A
22 November 2018
Bull and Mouth Street ran between King Edward Street and St Martin’s Le Grand.
Norfolk Street, WC2RNorfolk Street, WC2R
21 November 2018
Norfolk Street ran from the Strand in the north to the River Thames and, after the Victoria Embankment was built (1865–1870), to what is now Temple Place.
Sardinia Street, WC2BSardinia Street, WC2B
20 November 2018
Sardinia Street, formerly Duke Street, was a street that ran from Prince’s Street in the south to the western side of Lincoln’s Inn Fields in the north.
Babmaes Street, SW1YBabmaes Street, SW1Y
19 November 2018
Babmaes Street was originally called Wells Street.
Hungerford BridgeHungerford Bridge
18 November 2018
Hungerford Bridge is a rail bridge crossing the Thames into Charing Cross station.
Manor HouseManor House
17 November 2018
Manor House station was named after a nearby pub.
Westbourne Terrace, W2Westbourne Terrace, W2
16 November 2018
Westbourne Terrace was an idea of George Gutch the builder.
Cambridge Circus, WC2HCambridge Circus, WC2H
15 November 2018
Cambridge Circus is the intersection of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road.
Peabody Avenue, SW1VPeabody Avenue, SW1V
14 November 2018
Peabody Avenue, completed in 1885, is a monument to the birth of social housing.
Birdcage Walk, SW1EBirdcage Walk, SW1E
13 November 2018
Birdcage Walk runs east-west from the Parliament Square area (as Great George Street) to Buckingham Palace.
Arundel Street, WC2RArundel Street, WC2R
12 November 2018
Arundel Street runs from the Strand to Temple Place.
Aberdeen Place, NW8Aberdeen Place, NW8
11 November 2018
Aberdeen Place was built on the site of a farm once owned by John Lyon, who founded Harrow School in 1571.
Jack Cornwell Street, E12Jack Cornwell Street, E12
10 November 2018
Jack Cornwell Street was named after a local First World War hero.
Ashcombe Road, SM5Ashcombe Road, SM5
9 November 2018
Ashcombe Road was built in the early 1930s.
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