Blondin Avenue, W5

Road in/near Northfields, existing between 1932 and now

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Road · Northfields · W5 ·

Blondin Avenue is named after 19th century acrobat Blondin.

Charles Blondin at work
Jean-François Gravelet was known as Charles Blondin and reknowned for his acrobatic feats such as tightrope crossings of Niagara Falls. During one of these he carried his manager on his back and on another he stopped halfway across to cook an omelette.

Blondin performed in London where Charles Dickens said: "half of London is here eager for some dreadful accident".

Blondin retired to Ealing and died at his home Niagara House in 1897. Niagara House and Blondin Avenue were formerly the site of part of Hugh Ronalds’ renowned nursery.

Niagara Avenue is parallel, just to the south of Blondin Avenue.

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Charles Blondin at work
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