Postal area W4

Postcode zone in/near Chiswick, existing between 1971 and now

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Added: 22 May 2018 14:12 GMT   
Post by Yrheotus: Edgecote Close, W3

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Patricia Neafsey
Patricia Neafsey   
Added: 4 Sep 2017 15:55 GMT   
Post by Patricia Neafsey: Fishers Lane, W4

My ancestors (Dady) lived in Myrtle Cottage, Fishers Lane in 1900 or so. Do you have any information? Was it associated with a manor house?

Added: 24 May 2018 08:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Gunnersbury
Mortlake Bake-Off announce winners after an even batter year
The second-ever Great Mortlake Bake Off has been a tasty success.

Added: 24 May 2018 01:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Acton Town

Michael Sheen and Caitlin FitzGerald enjoy Rolling Stones gig

Michael Sheen and Caitlin FitzGerald enjoy Rolling Stones gig
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Added: 23 May 2018 18:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Acton Town
UK becoming ’cocaine capital’ of Europe, warns minister
Ministers pledge action on drug killings as MP says they must ask themselves "do black lives matter?"

Added: 23 May 2018 12:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Chiswick Park
Barking fire: One hundred firefighters battle huge blaze at east London recycling plant
More than 100 firefighters are battling a huge blaze at a recycling plant in east London.

Added: 23 May 2018 10:20 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Gunnersbury
No trains calling at Richmond, Whitton or Twickenham after car hits level crossing

There are no trains calling at Richmond, Twickenham or Whitton after a car hit a level crossing near Barnes this afternoon.

Added: 22 May 2018 23:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Turnham Green
Dog show attracts huge crowd to Morden Park
It was a day of family fun at the Merton Dog Watch annual park show.

Added: 22 May 2018 19:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: East Acton
What’s Inside an abortion clinic
As the Republic of Ireland prepares to vote on legalising abortion, Newsbeat visits a clinic in England to find out what people can expect.

Added: 22 May 2018 19:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: West Acton
New captain Harry Kane says England can win World Cup in Russia
New England captain Harry Kane says the team can win the World Cup in Russia and "anything else is not good enough".

Added: 22 May 2018 16:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Acton Town

Added: 22 May 2018 11:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Chiswick Park
Surbiton care home choir leader describes ’magic’ of music for people with dementia
Music and singing are known to have exceptional benefits for people with dementia - even those who are no longer able to verbally communicate.

Added: 22 May 2018 09:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Gunnersbury
Consultation on borough-wide 20mph limit gets fast-tracked
The new Liberal Democrat administration plans to hold a consultation on a borough-wide 20mph speed limit this September.

Added: 21 May 2018 20:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: West Acton
Ken Livingstone: It’s better for Labour if I resign
The former mayor of London said he did not want to be a distraction to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Added: 21 May 2018 17:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Acton Town
Have you been affected by Thameslink timetable changes?
Passenger groups and unions have been critical of changes they say could mean working lives are severely impactedCommuters across England face altered or reduced services as part of the biggest change to timetables in living memory, set to cause disruption beginning Sunday.Why is this rail timetable change significant?New timetables are published every year but normally with minor tweaks. This year Govia Thameslink Railway, which carries about 500,000 passengers daily, has redrawn its schedules from scratch. Continue reading...

The 1750 Rocque map is bounded by Sudbury (NW), Snaresbrook (NE), Eltham (SE) and Hampton Court (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1750 map does not display.

The 1800 mapping is bounded by Stanmore (NW), Woodford (NE), Bromley (SE) and Hampton Court (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1800 map does not display.

The 1830 mapping is bounded by West Hampstead (NW), Hackney (NE), Greenwich (SE) and Chelsea (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1830 map does not display.

The 1860 mapping is bounded by Brent Cross (NW), Stratford (NE), Greenwich (SE) and Hammermith (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1860 map does not display.

The 1900 mapping covers all of the London area.


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Chiswick: Cheese Farm.

Chiswick is a large suburb of west London. It contains Hogarth's House, the former residence of the 18th century English artist William Hogarth; Chiswick House, a neo-Palladian villa regarded as one of the finest in England; and Fuller's Brewery, London's largest and oldest brewery.

Chiswick is located on a meander of the River Thames which is heavily used for competitive and recreational rowing, and Chiswick itself is home to several clubs. The finishing post for the Boat Race is just downstream of Chiswick Bridge.

The area was historically an ancient parish in the county of Middlesex, with an agrarian and fishing economy. Having good communications with London from an early time Chiswick became a popular country retreat, and as part of the suburban growth of London in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the population significantly expanded. It became the Municipal Borough of Brentford and Chiswick in 1932 and has formed part of Greater London since 1965.

Chiswick was first recorded c.1000 as Ceswican; the name Chiswick is of Old English origin meaning 'Cheese Farm' and originates from the riverside meadows and farms that are thought to have supported an annual cheese fair on Dukes Meadows up until the 18th century.

Chiswick grew up as a fishing village around St Nicholas church on Church Street. The parish included Strand-on-the-Green, Little Sutton and Turnham Green. By the early nineteenth century the fishing industry in and around Chiswick was declining as the growth of industry and the invention of the flush toilet were causing pollution in the river. Fish began to die out and the river became unsuitable as a spawning ground. Locks upstream also made the river impassable by migratory fish such as salmon and shad. From the 18th century onwards the High Road became built up with inns and large houses.

The population of Chiswick grew almost tenfold during the 19th century, reaching 30,000 in 1901, and the area is a mixture of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian housing. Suburban building began in Gunnersbury in the 1860s and in Bedford Park, on the borders of Chiswick and Acton, in 1875.

The first V-2 rocket to hit London fell on Chiswick on 8 September 1944, killing three people, injuring 22 others and causing extensive damage to surrounding trees and buildings. Six houses were demolished by the rocket and many more suffered damage. There is a memorial where the rocket fell on Staveley Road. There is also a War Memorial at the east end of Turnham Green.

Chiswick:   Chiswick: Cheese Farm.
Hogarth's House:   Hogarth's House is the former country home of the 18th century English artist William Hogarth in Chiswick. The House now belongs to the London Borough of Hounslow and is open to visitors free of charge.
Turnham Green:   

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John Rocque Map of Ealing and Acton (1762)
John Rocque (c. 1709–1762) was a surveyor, cartographer, engraver, map-seller and the son of Huguenot émigrés. Roque is now mainly remembered for his maps of London. This map dates from the second edition produced in 1762. London and his other maps brought him an appointment as cartographer to the Prince of Wales in 1751. His widow continued the business after his death. The map covers an area from Greenford in the northwest to Hammersmith in the southeast.
John Rocque, The Strand, London

Environs of London (1832) FREE DOWNLOAD
Engraved map. Hand coloured. Relief shown by hachures. A circle shows "Extent of the twopenny post delivery."
Chapman and Hall, London

London Underground Map (1921).  FREE DOWNLOAD
London Underground map from 1921.
London Transport

The Environs of London (1865).  FREE DOWNLOAD
Prime meridian replaced with "Miles from the General Post Office." Relief shown by hachures. Map printed in black and white.
Published By J. H. Colton. No. 172 William St. New York

London Underground Map (1908).  FREE DOWNLOAD
London Underground map from 1908.
London Transport

Ordnance Survey of the London region (1939) FREE DOWNLOAD
Ordnance Survey colour map of the environs of London 1:10,560 scale
Ordnance Survey. Crown Copyright 1939.

Outer London (1901) FREE DOWNLOAD
Outer London shown in red, City of London in yellow. Relief shown by hachures.
Stanford's Geographical Establishment. London : Edward Stanford, 26 & 27, Cockspur St., Charing Cross, S.W. (1901)

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