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Road in/near Cubitt Town, existing between the 1850s and now

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Glengall Grove was named after a major landowner in the Isle of Dogs.

Margaret Lauretta, Countess of Glengall was the wife of the 2nd Earl of Glengall. She was the daughter of William Mellish and inherited her father’s considerable estate on the Isle of Dogs in 1834. Many places and buildings on the Island made use of the Glengall name.

One of those was Glengall Road. Glengall Road ran from Westferry Road in the west to Manchester Road in the east, crossing the Millwall Docks. It was renamed Glengall Grove shortly before the Second World War. When road access through Millwall Docks was stopped in 1963, the western half of the road was renamed Tiller Road.

Glengall Road/Grove was probably laid out in the 1850s since it appears first on an 1861 map but not on an 1850 one.

Football club Millwall Rovers’ first ever fixture was held on Glengall Road on 3 October 1885.

Other locations taking the Glengall name included:
- The Glengall Arms. A pub formerly located at 367 Westferry Road.
- Glengall Causeway. Lying off Westferry Road, formerly an extension of Glengall Road toward the Thames.
- Glengall Iron Works located at the corner of Glengall Road (now Tiller Road) and the present-day Millwall Dock Road from the 1870s.
- Glengall Place between Mellish Street and Glengall Road.
- Glengall School. Its buildings are now occupied by Cubitt Town School.
- Glengall Wharf located north of Glengall Causeway from 1911 to the 1950s. Sir John McDougall Gardens are on the site.

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