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Wanstead is a suburban area in north-east London, forming part of the London Borough of Redbridge.

The place name is probably of Saxon origin and is first recorded in a charter of 1065 as Wenstede. The first element appears to mean ’wain’ or ’wagon’ but the meaning of the full compound is not clear. An alternative explanation by the English Place-Names Society is that the place name derives from the Anglo-Saxon words meaning Wen, signifying a hill or mound, and Stead, a place or settlement. The main road going through Wanstead is the A12. Wanstead High Street includes pubs and independent retailers.

The area was the site of a Roman villa, whilst Wanstead Manor was a Saxon and Norman manor and later formed part of the Municipal Borough of Wanstead and Woodford in Essex until 1965, when Greater London was created. The town has a largely suburban feel, containing open grasslands such as Wanstead Flats, and the woodland of Wanstead Park (part of Epping Forest). The park, with artificial lakes, was originally part of the estate of a large stately home Wanstead House, one of the finest Palladian mansions in Britain, from its size and splendour nicknamed the English Versailles, and the architectural inspiration for Mansion House, London.

In 1707 the astronomer James Pound became rector of Wanstead. In 1717 the Royal Society lent Pound Huygens’s 123-foot focal length object-glass, which he set up in Wanstead Park. Pound’s observations with it of the five known satellites of Saturn enabled Halley to correct their movements; and Newton employed, in the third edition of the Principia, his micrometrical measures of Jupiter’s disc, of Saturn’s disc and ring, and of the elongations of their satellites; and obtained from him data for correcting the places of the comet of 1680. Laplace also used Pound’s observations of Jupiter’s satellites for the determination of the planet’s mass; and Pound himself compiled in 1719 a set of tables for the first satellite, into which he introduced an equation for the transmission of light.

The church of St Mary the Virgin, Wanstead was completed in 1790. It is now a Grade I listed building, and contains a large monument to Josiah Child. It was followed in the 1860s by both the Anglican church of Christ Church and Wanstead Congregational Church.

Wanstead Underground station is on the Hainault loop of the Central line.

Construction of the station had started in the 1930s, but was delayed by the onset of World War II. The incomplete tunnels between Wanstead and Gants Hill to the east were used for munitions production by Plessey between 1942 and 1945. The station was finally opened on 14 December 1947. The building, like many other stations on the branch, was designed by architect Charles Holden. It kept its original wooden escalator until 2003, one of the last Tube stations to do so.

The station has been extensively refurbished since 2006, including the replacement of the original platform wall tiling, which had become badly damaged.

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Sandy Tarrant
Sandy Tarrant   
Added: 16 Nov 2017 06:03 GMT   
Post by Sandy Tarrant: Monier Road, E3

My grandparents, James Isaac and Mary Ann Johnson ran a grocer’s shop at 122 Monier Road, Bow from the early 1900s to about 1935 or so.

Dawn Greene
Dawn Greene    
Added: 24 Aug 2017 13:08 GMT   
Post by Dawn Greene : Emily Street (1925)

My dads family lived here in 1911 maybe before still checking that out the name was Emily Gladding lived at 22 Emily Street then she married George Cassilllo y

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Post by LDNnews: Roding Valley
Tens of thousands attended the demonstration marking the second anniversary of the EU referendum. Some marched in the hope of stopping Brexit, some just wanted to have a second referendum on the final deal, but young and old, Labour and Tory, they were all united in their pro-European passionAnti-Brexit protest: estimated 100,000 march two years after vote Continue reading...
Tens of thousands attended the demonstration marking the second anniversary of the EU referendum. Some marched in the hope of stopping Brexit, some just wanted to have a second referendum on the final deal, but young and old, Labour and Tory, they were all united in their pro-European passionAnti-Brexit protest: estimated 100,000 march two years after vote Continue reading...

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Post by LDNnews: Chigwell
'In a nutshell, what is Brexit?' Love Island star Hayley Hughes invited onto BBC Daily Politics for crash course on Brexit
The reality TV star met Brexit arch-rivals Nigel Farage and Alistair Campbell


Added: 23 Jun 2018 11:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Buckhurst Hill
Controversial Bromley police merger expected to ’deliver improved service’

The controversial merger of Bromley’s police units with Croydon and Sutton is set to go live in February following an HR delay.


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Post by LDNnews: Bromley-by-Bow
COLUMN: Haringey Police
COLUMN: Haringey Police


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Post by LDNnews: South Woodford
Resident’s call to action after 13-storey Bexleyheath housing approved
A Bexleyheath resident has vowed not to give up in her fight against plans to build a 13-storey housing development on the site of the old Civic Centre.


Added: 23 Jun 2018 11:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Bow Road
Beauty pageant hopeful raises money for children across the world

A Miss England hopeful says being bullied as a child pushed her to give one of the biggest beauty pageants in the country a chance.


Added: 23 Jun 2018 04:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Barkingside
Le Bun founder Andy Taylor to open new French-American fusion restaurant Carte Blanche
In July co-founder of Le Bun Andy Taylor will open his new restaurant Carte Blanche on Hackney’s Mare Street


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Post by LDNnews: Barking
Chiringuito: All-day beach bar serving tapas is coming to Bethnal Green
A Spanish bar serving tapas will will open in Bethnal Green this July.


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Post by LDNnews: Snaresbrook
John Leslie cleared of sexually assaulting woman at Edinburgh nightclub
Former television presenter John Leslie has been cleared of sexual assaulting a woman at a nightclub in Edinburgh.


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Post by LDNnews: Roding Valley
Anti-Brexit march to draw tens of thousands to London
Anti-Brexit march to draw tens of thousands to London


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Post by LDNnews: Fairlop
Neymar memes: Brazil star manages to dive, perform an outrageous flick and burst into tears in one World Cup match
The footballer showed off some serious theatrics.


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Post by LDNnews: East Ham
Japan vs Senegal: World Cup 2018 prediction, betting tips, odds, kick-off time, team news and line-ups, what TV channel, live stream online, head to head
Japan vs Senegal | World Cup 2018, Group H | Sunday, June 24 | Ekaterinburg Arena


The 1750 Rocque map is bounded by Sudbury (NW), Snaresbrook (NE), Eltham (SE) and Hampton Court (SW).
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The 1860 mapping is bounded by Brent Cross (NW), Stratford (NE), Greenwich (SE) and Hammermith (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1860 map does not display.

The 1900 mapping covers all of the London area.


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Beacon Business Innovation Hub:   Free schools alternative provision which accepts students between the ages of 14 and 19.
Beehive Preparatory School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11. Admissions policy: Non-selective.
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Our Lady of Lourdes, Wanstead:   Our Lady Of Lourdes church is the Catholic parish church of Wanstead, and is part of the Diocese of Brentwood.
Redbridge Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Redbridge School Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
St Joseph’s Convent School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 10. Admissions policy: Non-selective.
Wanstead Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Wanstead Church School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Wanstead High School:   Community school (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Wanstead Park:   

Photo of Wanstead:   This is a photo of Wanstead

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