Alperton Street, W10

Road in/near Queens Park Estate, existing between 1874 and now

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Road · Queens Park Estate · W10 ·

Alperton Street is the first alphabetically of the named streets of the Queen's Park Estate in W10.

Corner of Alperton Street and Second Avenue
Credit: Google Streetview
The Queen's Park estate was built between 1874 and 1900 by the ‘Artisans and Labourers' General Dwellings Company.

The architecture of the 2000 homes is Gothic style with distinctive brickwork adorned with pinnacles and turrets along the main avenues. The estate still retains the 'six avenues' and originally, the streets were named A to P.

Over time the streets were given full names such as Alperton, Barfett, Caird Street and so on. The lettered streets represented some person or place connected with the company. Droop, for example, was one of the directors, and Alperton was the location of the company’s brickworks.

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Corner of Alperton Street and Second Avenue
Google Streetview


Queens Park Estate

The part of Queen's Park which is in the W10 postcode and City of Westminster, is known as the Queens Park Estate.

It was built from 1874 by the Artisans, Labourers & General Dwellings Company. The architecture of that estate of some 2000 small houses is distinctively Gothic-revival, with polychrome brickwork, pinnacles and turrets along the bigger roads.

It retains First Avenue, Second Avenue etc up to Sixth Avenue, and originally had streets A-P. The street names have been made into full words, (Alperton Street, Barfett Street, Caird Street, Droop Street, Embrook Street, Farrant Street, Galton Street, Huxley Street, Ilbert Street, Kilravock Street, Lothrop Street, Marne Street, Nutbourne Street, Oliphant Street, Peach Street).

It was on this estate that the first QPR footballers had their homes.
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