Kewferry Drive, HA6

Road in/near Northwood, existing between 1935 and now

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Road · Northwood · HA6 ·

Kewferry Drive connects Rickmansworth Road and Kewferry Road.

Kewferry Drive
The hilly part of Rickmansworth Road was formerly Kewferry Hill. Kewferry is probably derived from the name of John de Kevere, who had dealings with the Abbey of Bec over property in Northwood in the 1290s. Kewferry spawned in turn a Kewferry Road and a Kewferry Drive.

Kewferry Drive is a private road with houses dating from the 1930s.

The now-closed entrance shaft to Northwood Chalk Mine lies beneath the drive of a bungalow in Kewferry Drive. Brickwork on the entrance shaft dates from the 17th century. The debris heap at the foot of the shaft was excavated and found to contain the complete skeletons of a horse and cow, old tin cans, a complete metal trough, a tin trunk that contained parts of a gin trap, some dissecting needles, parts of a windlass, an excavation tool and two bone implements used for making pins.

The shaft was rediscovered by a Mr Roy in 1946 when, within two days of returning from war service, he fell through the rotted sleepers.

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Kewferry Drive
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