Pempath Place, HA9

Road in/near Preston Road

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Pempath Place is a road in the HA9 postcode area


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Added: 14 Jun 2018 15:38 GMT   
Post by SHEILA BROWNE: Disraeli Road, NW10

My Mum was born in Disraeli Road.

John Dye
John Dye   
Added: 1 Dec 2017 14:50 GMT   
Post by John Dye: Cool Oak Lane, NW9

I lived at Queensbury Road, Kingsbury during World War II and used to play regularly along the edge of the Welsh Harp. About halfway along Cool Oak Lane on the south side was a pond we used to call Froggy Pond. It was the only place I ever saw a water scorpion, Nepa cinerea.
At the end of the war, all the street air raid shelters were knocked down and the rubble was piled up on the ground south of the Cool Oak Lane bridge, on the Hendon side. I remember that this heap of rubble became infested with rats and I used to watch them from the bridge. I was told that an old house on the south side of Cool Oak Lane (Woodfield House?) was once owned by the wife of Horatio Nelson. I think it later became the nurseries for plants grown for the Hendon parks.

Lesley carlton
Lesley carlton   
Added: 26 Nov 2017 22:52 GMT   
Post by Lesley carlton: Embry Drive, HA7

I use to live in embry drive when it was an RAF station with my family and I went to Belmont

Added: 24 Sep 2017 22:22 GMT   
Post by Ron: Colindale

The leather business and ’Leatherville’ was set up by Arthur Garstin, not GARSTON.

Added: 13 Jul 2017 21:22 GMT   
Post by Martina: Schweppes Factory

The site is now a car shop and Angels Fancy Dress shop and various bread factories are there.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 18:20 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Alperton
London still the most desirable city for overseas workers
London still the most desirable city for overseas workers

Added: 25 Jun 2018 18:20 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Acton Town
World of weird: the new exhibits at London’s eccentric Horniman Museum
World of weird: the new exhibits at London’s eccentric Horniman Museum

Added: 25 Jun 2018 17:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Mill Hill Broadway
This morning update will get you into the office and out of the traffic

A fine, and largely sunny day is expected, although 29C isn’t too good for the spilled milk.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 17:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Edgware
Terminally ill woman takes on 28 miles for charity

A terminally ill woman is making the most of the time she has left to leave a legacy for her charity.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 16:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Wembley Park
Shock report reveals Heathrow passenger jets' near-misses with drones in skies over capital
A passenger jet had a near-miss with two drones over London, a shock report reveals today.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 14:20 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Stanmore
Ridiculed Boris Johnson says quitting over Heathrow third runway 'would have solved nothing'
The Foreign Secretary has staged a vanishing act to avoid having to vote in the Commons

Added: 25 Jun 2018 12:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Canons Park
’Concern for wellbeing’ of 37-year-old not seen for more than 48 hours
Bromley police are asking for the public’s help in tracing a woman who has not been since since Saturday.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 12:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Burnt Oak
Man who ’flashed’ two girls in Hither Green hunted by police
A man who allegedly flashed a pair of girls in Hither Green is being hunted by Lewisham police.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 11:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: South Kenton
World Cup 2018: Former Chelsea star Jason Cundy says women's voices are too 'high-pitched' to commentate on football
Former Chelsea player Jason Cundy has been branded a ’sexist pig’ by Piers Morgan after saying he prefers to hear men commentating on football because of the tone of a woman’s voice makes it a ’tough listen’.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 09:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: West Harrow
Landlords gather for support and advice

Landlords and investors in the housing market came together at a special council event to discuss how to strengthen the private rented sector in Brent.

Added: 25 Jun 2018 09:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: North Harrow
Politicians react to Sadiq Khan running for mayor again
London Assembly members have reacted to Sadiq Khan’s announcement that he will be campaigning to be the Mayor of London again in 2020.

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Preston Road

Preston Road - originally just ’Preston’ - is situated west along the Metropolitan Line from Wembley Park.

Preston, meaning ’the farm belonging to the priest’, began as a small settlement at Preston Green, just south west of the Lidding or Wealdstone Brook, south of Kenton. It was first mentioned in 1220. The name may come from an estate given to Abbot Stidberht by King Offa of Mercia in 767, but any connection with Preston Road as a rural lanethe Church had been lost by 1086. Preston was a township by 1231.

By the mid-15th century Preston consisted of two farms and a few cottages. The northern farm belonged to the Lyon family from the late 14th century and is described as being a beautiful building in 1547. It was probably the birthplace of John Lyon (1534-92), a considerable local landowner who founded Harrow School in 1572. After his death the farm was given as an endowment for the upkeep of the school. It was rebuilt around 1700. The southern farm was originally known as Preston Dicket and later as Preston Farm.

By 1681 five buildings had been built on Preston Green, including a new farmhouse, Hillside Farm. In 1759 there were nine buildings at Preston, including the ’Horseshoe’ inn,
which was licensed in 1751.

The district did not change significantly in the 19th century. The agricultural depression after the Napoleonic Wars led to an outbreak of violence in the area around 1828, when desperate agricultural labourers burnt haystacks and threatened local landowners, including the relatively benevolent Lord Northwick.

64 people lived in Preston in 1831 and 57 in 1851.

In 1851 the ’Rose & Crown’ beerhouse is mentioned at the top of Preston Hill (beerhouses flourished from 1830 to 1869 and were intended to discourage the sale of spirits). It appears to have been part of Hillside Farm, and is never mentioned again.

Preston House was leased to various professional men during the 19th century, including a surgeon, a cigar importer and a solicitor.

In 1864 two villas replaced the four nearby cottages. Around 1880 Preston House was acquired by George Timms, who turned the grounds into Preston Tea Gardens. The Tea Gardens flourished well into the next century.

The Metropolitan Railway had no effect on development, even after the opening of Wembley Park station in 1894. In 1896 the suggestion that a station should be built serving Preston was rejected because the local population was so small. Indeed even in the early 20th century the area was entirely rural, and the Wealdstone Brook could be described as "one of the most perfect little streams anywhere, abounding in dace and roach."

By 1900 Uxendon Farm had become a shooting ground (the Lancaster Shooting Club). When the Olympic Games were held in London in 1908 the ground was sufficiently important to be
used for Olympic clay pigeon shooting. Pressure from the shooting club, which was a two mile walk from the nearest station, played a part in the opening of Preston Road Halt on 21 May 1908.

The station was a halt (a request stop) and initially many trains failed to slow down enough to enable the driver to notice passengers waiting on the platform. Preston Road Halt triggered the first commuter development in the district. Some large Edwardian houses were built along Preston Road after 1910 and Harrow Golf Club opened near the station in 1912. Wembley Golf Club had already existed on the southern slopes of Barn Hill from about 1895. Both these golf courses would disappear under housing between the wars.

Further development in Preston came after the 1924-5 British Empire Exhibition. Roads in the area were prone to flooding, and the Exhibition led to significant and much needed improvements.

Many of the country lanes in the area were however not improved until 1931-2, under Wembley’s Town Planning Scheme. Preston Road indeed remained a country lane until the late 1930s, which may account for its considerable charm.Improved communications brought suburban development. Christ Church College, Oxford, and Harrow School sold their Preston
estates in the period 1921-33. Forty Green began being built over as early as 1923-4 and housing spread along Preston Road and Preston Hill in the three years that followed.

Shops appeared in 1927-8 and a pub, the ’Preston Park Hotel’ was opened in the late 1920s.

Preston Road was converted into a proper station in 1931-2. The line was electrified soon after and the station slightly re-sited. By now it was certain that the heart of Preston would be to the south of the old green. Many more shops appeared around the station in 1931-3 and 1936-8. Most housing developments occurred in the 1930s. By 1936 Preston was being described as "a high class and rapidly growing residential area with a population of between 6000 and 7000 people." A primary school was created to serve this population in 1932 and a secondary school in 1938.

In the 1930s many Jewish people, the majority members of the United Synagogue, moved into the Preston area. There is still a strong Jewish presence today.

By 1951 Preston’s population had risen to 12,408, although it declined somewhat thereafter. Post-war housing was built north and east of Preston Road and a number of prefabs, a temporary solution to homelessness, stood at Tenterden Close, Woodcock Hill, until the late 1960s. Proposals for an Anglican church at Preston had been published in 1936, but the war intervened and the Church of the Ascension was not consecrated until 1957.

By the early 1960s all of Preston’s old buildings had been lost. Lyon’s Farm was demolished in 1960, despite earlier plans to preserve it. Hillside farmhouse went in 1961 and Preston House was demolished in 1962-3. Both of these buildings were replaced by blocks of flats. Despite these losses Preston is a pleasant and prosperous-looking place that has retained its original atmosphere.

Alpha Preparatory School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11. Admissions policy: Selective (grammar).
Ark Academy:   Academy sponsor led (All through) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Ark Elvin Academy:   Academy sponsor led (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Ashley College:   Pupil referral unit which accepts students between the ages of 5 and 16.
Barham Park:   
Barham Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Brent Town Hall:   Brent Town Hall (formerly Wembley Town Hall) is a landmark in Brent, a borough in northwest London, England. Pevsner described it as the best of the modern town halls around London, neither fanciful nor drab.
Buxlow Preparatory School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 2 and 11. Admissions policy: Non-selective.
Byron Court Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Chalkhill Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Claremont High School:   Academy converter (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Elmgrove Primary School & Nursery:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Elsley Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Forty Farm:   Forty Farm was situated where the Sudbury to Kingsbury road crossed the Lidding at Forty Bridge.
Fryent Country Park:   
Harrow High School:   Academy converter (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Harrow Primary School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 5 and 11.
Harrow School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 13 and 18.
Harrow School Playing Fields:   
Horsenden Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Hundred Elms Farm:   There was a farm on this site, on the northern edge of Sudbury Common, since at least the time of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century.
JFS:   Voluntary aided school (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
John Lyon Playing Fields:   
Kenmore Park Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Kenmore Park Infant and Nursery School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 7.
Kenton Recreation Ground:   
King Edward VII Park:   
Kingsbury:   Kingsbury station was opened on 10 December 1932 as part of the Stanmore branch of the Metropolitan Railway and served by that company’s electric trains.
Lycee International De Londres:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 5 and 18.
Mandeville School:   Community special school which accepts students between the ages of 2 and 11.
Michaela Community School:   Free schools (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 19.
Mount Stewart Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Mount Stewart Infant School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 7.
Mount Stewart Junior School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 7 and 11.
Northwick Park Hospital:   Northwick Park Hospital (NPH) is a hospital located on the border of the London boroughs of Brent and Harrow.
Park Lane Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Preston Manor School:   Academy converter (All through) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 19. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Preston Park:   
Preston Park Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Preston Road:   Preston Road - originally just ’Preston’ - is situated west along the Metropolitan Line from Wembley Park.
Queensbury Park:   
Red Balloon Learner Centre - Northwest London:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 17.
Saint Jerome Church of England Bilingual School:   Free schools (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Sinai Jewish Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
South Kenton:   South Kenton is an area of the London Borough of Harrow which is served by South Kenton station.
Southover Partnership School:   Other independent special school which accepts students between the ages of 8 and 19. Admissions policy: Non-selective.
St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School:   Academy converter (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
St Christopher’s School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 2 and 11.
St George’s Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 2 and 11.
St Gregory’s Catholic Science College:   Academy converter (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
St Joseph RC Junior School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 7 and 11.
St Joseph’s RC Infant School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 7.
Sudbury Hill:   Sudbury Hill is part of the London Borough of Harrow.
Sudbury Park Farm:   Sudbury Park Farm was opened by the Barham family in 1897, although its fields had been part of another farm, known as North Farm, by the mid-19th century.
Sudbury Primary School:   Academy converter (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Sudbury Town:   Sudbury, as a historical area once extended from the ’South Manor- Sudbury’ (thought to have been on Harrow Hill) to the area that is now known as Wembley Central.
The Jubilee Academy:   Free schools alternative provision which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 16.
The Noam Primary School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Uxendon Farm:   Uxendon was once more important than Wembley.
Uxendon Manor Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Uxendon Shooting Grounds:   Uxendon Shooting Grounds was the location of the clay pigeon shooting for the 1908 Olympics.
Vale Farm:   Vale Farm was probably a mixed farm, growing crops and raising livestock for meat, run by a succession of tenant farmers..
Vale Farm Sports Ground:   
Welcome Children Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Wembley F.C.:   Wembley Football Club is an English semi-professional football club.
Wembley High Technology College:   Academy converter (Secondary) which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 19. Admissions policy: Comprehensive (secondary).
Wembley Park:   Wembley Park is a London Underground station, the nearest Underground station to the Wembley Stadium complex.
Wembley Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Woodcock Park:   

Wembley Stadium (1947):   Wembley Stadium and its twin towers

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Road, HA0 · Nathans Road, HA9 · Neeld Court, HA9 · Neeld Crescent, HA9 · Neeld Parade, HA9 · Nettleden Avenue, HA9 · New Road, HA1 · Newland Court, HA9 · Newlands Close, HA0 · Newnham Way, HA3 · Nibthwaite Road, HA1 · Nightingale Avenue, HA1 · Norcombe Gardens, HA3 · North Circular Road, HA9 · North End Road, HA9 · Northchurch Road, HA9 · Northolt Gardens, UB6 · Northwick Avenue, HA1 · Northwick Avenue, HA3 · Northwick Avenue, HA9 · Northwick Circle, HA3 · Northwick Park Road, HA1 · Northwick Walk, HA1 · Northwood Gardens, UB6 · Norton Road, HA0 · Norval Road, HA0 · Oakdale Avenue, HA3 · Oakington Avenue, HA9 · Oakington Manor Drive, HA9 · Oakwood Crescent, UB6 · Oakwood Cresent, UB6 · Obadiah Slope, HA1 · Odeon Parade, UB6 · Old Gaytonians, HA1 · Old High Street, HA9 · Old Mews, HA1 · Oldborough Road, HA0 · Olympic Square, HA9 · Olympic Way, HA9 · Orchard Gate, UB6 · Orchard Gate, UB6 · Orchard Grove, HA3 · Orley Court, HA1 · Ormesby Way, HA3 · Osram Road, HA9 · Oxenpark Avenue, HA9 · 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10, HA3 · Proyers Path, HA0 · Proyers Path, HA1 · Proyers Path, HA9 · Public Footpath No. 62, HA1 · Public Footpath No. 63, HA1 · Public Right of Way 16, HA3 · Public Right of Way 21, HA3 · Public Right of Way 42, HA9 · Public Right of Way 48, HA0 · Quad Road, HA9 · Queens House, HA1 · Queensbury Circle Parade, HA3 · Queensbury Circle Parade, HA7 · Queensbury Parade, HA3 · Queenscourt, HA9 · Radley Gardens, HA3 · Raglan Court, HA9 · Rainborough Close, HA9 · Rama Court, HA1 · Ranelagh Road, HA0 · Ravenscroft Avenue, HA9 · Rayners Close, HA0 · Rayners Lane Library, HA2 · Red Lodge, HA1 · Regal Way, HA3 · Regent Close, HA3 · Repton Avenue, HA0 · Retreat Close, HA3 · Richards Close, HA1 · Ridding Lane, UB6 · Robin Hood Way, UB6 · Rokesby Place, HA0 · Rook Close, HA9 · Rosebank Avenue, HA0 · Rosebank Avenue, HA1 · Rosedale Court, HA1 · Rosehill Gardens, UB6 · Rosemead Avenue, HA9 · Rosewood Avenue, UB6 · Roskild Court, HA9 · Rosslyn Crescent, HA1 · Rosslyn Crescent, HA9 · Rosslyn Cresent, 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Centre, HA9 · Wembley Park Drive, HA9 · Wembley Retail Park, HA9 · Wembley Way, HA9 · Wendela Court, HA1 · Wentworth Hill, HA9 · West Close, HA9 · West Court, HA0 · West Hill, HA9 · Westfield Drive, HA3 · Westfield Gardens, HA3 · Westfield Lane, HA3 · Westward Way, HA3 · White Horse Bridge, HA9 · Whitehall Road, HA1 · Whitmore Road, HA1 · Whitton Avenue East, HA0 · Whitton Avenue East, UB6 · Whitton Close, UB6 · Whitton Drive, UB6 · Wickliffe Gardens, HA9 · Wigginton Avenue, HA9 · William Carey Way, HA1 · Williams Way, HA0 · Willowcourt Avenue, HA3 · Wilson Close, HA9 · Wilson Drive, HA9 · Winchfield Close, HA3 · Winckley Close, HA3 · Windermere Avenue, HA9 · Windermere Court, HA9 · Windermere Grove, HA9 · Windmore Close, HA0 · Windsor Crescent, HA9 · Winthrop Walk, HA9 · Woodberry Avenue, HA1 · Woodcock Dell Avenue, HA3 · Woodcock Hill, HA3 · Woodfield Avenue, HA0 · Woodford Place, HA9 · Woodgrange Avenue, HA3 · Woodgrange Close, HA3 · Woodhill Crescent, HA3 · Woodhill Cresent, HA3 · Woodland Rise, UB6 · Woodlands Road, HA1 · Woodway Crescent, HA1 · Woodway Cresent, HA1 · Wykeham Hill, HA9 · Wyld Way, HA9 · Wyndale Avenue, NW9 ·
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What is Pempath Place, HA9 like as a place to live?

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John Rocque Map of Wembley, Kingsbury, Willesden and Harlesden (1762)
John Rocque (c. 1709–1762) was a surveyor, cartographer, engraver, map-seller and the son of Huguenot émigrés. Roque is now mainly remembered for his maps of London. This map dates from the second edition produced in 1762. London and his other maps brought him an appointment as cartographer to the Prince of Wales in 1751. His widow continued the business after his death. The map covers an area from Harrow in the northwest to Harlesden in the southeast.
John Rocque, The Strand, London

Environs of London (1832) FREE DOWNLOAD
Engraved map. Hand coloured. Relief shown by hachures. A circle shows "Extent of the twopenny post delivery."
Chapman and Hall, London

Ordnance Survey of the London region (1939) FREE DOWNLOAD
Ordnance Survey colour map of the environs of London 1:10,560 scale
Ordnance Survey. Crown Copyright 1939.

Outer London (1901) FREE DOWNLOAD
Outer London shown in red, City of London in yellow. Relief shown by hachures.
Stanford's Geographical Establishment. London : Edward Stanford, 26 & 27, Cockspur St., Charing Cross, S.W. (1901)

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