Bankton Road, SW2

Road which has existed since the nineteenth century or before

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Bankton Road is a road in the SW2 postcode area


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Josie Voss
Josie Voss   
Added: 11 Nov 2018 17:26 GMT   
Post by Josie Voss: Haselrigge Road, SW4

Does anyone know what happened to the wooden plague of ex students names who died in WW1. It was above a classroom door on the top floor. My grandad was remembered on it and I always used to look at it when waiting to go into class.

Added: 4 Nov 2018 09:05 GMT   
Post by IBUKeergo: High Trees, SW2

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KC Alexander
KC Alexander   
Added: 23 Jan 2018 15:07 GMT   
Post by KC Alexander: Priory Grove, SW8

Lived in a two up two down until the age of 13.
Played on the bombsites (no health and safety then)
A Coal man Mr Bells lived in the road and kept his horse in a stable across the road from where he lived.
Fibre glass factory which made large figures etc for fairgrounds was down a mews which no longer exists.
Prefabs on the bend where Doreen, a friend of my mums lived with her two daughters.
Alan and Alex who?s mum and dad were also friends of my parents lived near the priory pub. the pub is now residential flats.
Alex was another boy who lived just a couple of doors along from me as was Colin.
The house was knocked down in 1964 and the site is now an adventure playground.
The only thing left I recognise is my old sycamore tree which grew in my garden which I could often be found climbing.

Never fell out of it !

Allen Waters
Allen Waters   
Added: 18 Jan 2018 23:19 GMT   
Post by Allen Waters: Lansdowne Gardens, SW8

I used to live at no. 27 from 1950-1961. My family had the large room on the ground floor a bedroom on the 2nd floor and a room in the attic. There were several other families who came and went over the years, as well as landlords. We had a landlord for a time called ?Gethin?. I used to play with my friends in the road as there were few cars then. We used to use the lamppost next to house as a cricket wicket and it?s still there. I can remember swings in the green and a parkeeper there with a coal brazier in the winter. I was a choirboy at St Barnaby?s, I remember a bagwash near the church when the houses were demolished to build the estate. There used to be a row of shops and I particularly remember one called ?gallies? a sweet shop where you could get a penny drink and they put gas in it for you. Schools I went to were Priory Grove, then Al

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Added: 15 Nov 2018 11:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Clapham North
French romance to sweep Cheam with winter concert
Love will soon be in the air in Cheam once more as the Sutton Symphony Orchestra returns with a show full of French romance this winter.

Added: 15 Nov 2018 11:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Stockwell
Body of a man found in East Wickham park
Body of a man found in East Wickham park

Added: 15 Nov 2018 11:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Brixton
VAR in the Premier League: Video technology back on the agenda at latest meeting of club chiefs
VAR in the Premier League: Video technology back on the agenda at latest meeting of club chiefs

Added: 14 Nov 2018 19:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Clapham North
Fulham sack Slavisa Jokanovic and appoint Claudio Ranieri
Fulham sack manager Slavisa Jokanovic and replace him with Claudio Ranieri, who guided Leicester to the Premier League title in 2016.

Added: 14 Nov 2018 11:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Stockwell
A public relations guru is locked in a dispute with a five-star Mayfair hotel over a payout she is claiming for her stolen suitcase packed with valuables.
A public relations guru is locked in a dispute with a five-star Mayfair hotel over a payout she is claiming for her stolen suitcase packed with valuables.

Added: 14 Nov 2018 10:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Brixton
Mayor leads community in Christmas lights countdown
Schoolchildren performed special dance routines for the community in anticipation for the switch on of Christmas lights.

Added: 13 Nov 2018 12:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Clapham North
Local Parkinson’s branch is looking for new volunteers to fill team
A Parkinson’s charity is appealing for volunteers to fill a number of positions in its team.

Added: 13 Nov 2018 11:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Stockwell
Barcelona star Lionel Messi: La Liga is more competitive than ever... and that's a good thing
Lionel Messi picked up his fifth Pichichi prize in Barcelona at the MARCA awards on Monday and revealed he is happy to see how competitive La Liga is this season.

Added: 13 Nov 2018 11:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Brixton
'Wayne deserves recognition': Coleen Rooney slams 'negativity' from fans over husband's final England cap
Coleen Rooney has slammed the "negativity" surrounding the FA’s decision to hand her husband a farewell England appearance against the United States.

Added: 12 Nov 2018 15:00 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Clapham North

Added: 12 Nov 2018 12:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Stockwell
’Anyone who cares’ urged to attend public meeting on Wimbledon masterplan
People are being given an extra month to voice their opinions on the Wimbledon masterplan.

Added: 12 Nov 2018 12:40 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Brixton
Croydon pupils mark remembrance with living art installation
Pupils and staff at at Croydon primary school mark Remembrance day with a range of immersive activities.

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Brixton Hill

Angell Town:   Angell Town is a large, municipally-built housing complex on the Brixton/Stockwell border.
Brockwell Lido:   
Brockwell Park:   Brockwell Park is a 50.8 hectare park located between Brixton, Herne Hill and Tulse Hill.
Effra Nursery School and Early Years Centre:   Local authority nursery school (Nursery) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 5.
Elm Court School:   Community special school which accepts students between the ages of 9 and 19.
Glenbrook Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Hill Mead Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Iqra Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Jubilee Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Jubilee Primary School and Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Kings Avenue School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Liz Atkinson Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Loughborough Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
Maytree Nursery School:   Local authority nursery school (Nursery) which accepts students between the ages of 2 and 4.
Maytree Nursery School & Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
St Helen’s Catholic School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
St John’s Angell Town Church of England Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.
St Jude’s Church of England Primary School:   Voluntary aided school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 4 and 11.
Stockwell Primary School:   Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 2 and 11.
Stockwell Primary School and Children’s Centre:   This is a children’s centre.
Stockwell Skatepark:   
The Laurels School:   Other independent school which accepts students between the ages of 11 and 18.
Tree House Children’s Centre at Holmewood Nursery School:   This is a children’s centre.

Zebra taxi:   Around 1912, a zebra-pulled taxi was active on the streets of Brixton.

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What is Bankton Road, SW2 like as a place to live?

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