Lambourne Gardens, IG11

Road might date from the first world war period- in this area, buildings are mainly post-war

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Road · Upney · IG11 ·

Lambourne Gardens is a road in the IG11 postcode area



361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>17361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1' TARGET='_top'>Upney

361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>17361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1.jpg' WIDTH=302 style='float:left; width=250px; margin-right:361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>10px;'>Upney - once a small village - is an area east of Barking which has its own tube station.

Upney means ’higher island’ - the island being the area between two branches of Mayes Brook which passes

Most of Upney’s housing was built between the wars as part of the council’s slum clearance programme. Upney station opened in 361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1932. The dominant feature of the locality is Barking (originally Upney) hospital. Shortly before the First World War local people raised the money to found the hospital, and new blocks were added in the 361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1930s and 361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1960s.

Most of the hospital site was sold for residential development in 361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1999.

Upney station was opened in 361' target='_top'>277' target='_top'>1932 when the electrified District line was extended to Upminster from Barking. The station was constructed and initially operated by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway with services provided by the District line from the outset.
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