Thomas Arnold Primary School

School in/near Dagenham

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School · Dagenham · RM9 ·

Community school (Primary) which accepts students between the ages of 3 and 11.

Thomas Arnold Primary School is a mixed school in Barking and Dagenham.

Total school capacity: 532.
Enrollment (2018): 461.
Girls enrolled (2018): 220.
Boys enrolled (2018): 240.
Has Nursery Classes.
It has a website at:

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Post by LDNnews: Becontree
Novichok poisoning: Police identify Sergei Skripal attack suspects
Police have identified the suspected perpetrators of the novichok attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Added: 19 Jul 2018 10:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Dagenham Heathway
Clapham Junction: Person dies after being hit by train at south London station
A person has died after being hit by a train at Clapham Junction station in south London.

Added: 19 Jul 2018 03:30 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Becontree
Novichok victim's boyfriend claims she 'sprayed nerve agent disguised in perfume bottle' on both wrists
The boyfriend of Novichok victim Dawn Sturgess claims that the nerve agent that killed her was in a perfume bottle which she then sprayed onto her wrists.

Added: 18 Jul 2018 12:20 GMT   
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Gareth Southgate Tube station: Video of woman tearing down sign sparks outrage
A video showing a woman tearing down a Tube sign at Gareth Southgate station has sparked outrage among football fans.

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Brexit news LIVE: Vote Leave campaign fined by Electoral Commission as Theresa May prepares for fresh Commons clash
The Vote Leave campaign has been fined and referred to police over breaches of election regulations.

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Crystal Palace transfer news and targets: What we know about Roy Hodgson's summer plans
Transfer Window LIVE | Stay on top of the latest news and rumours in our live blog

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Welcome to the Evening Standard’s coverage of the summer transfer window.
Welcome to the Evening Standard’s coverage of the summer transfer window.

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France vs Croatia line ups: Team predictions for World Cup Final and talking points
France and Croatia are one game away from glory as the two nations meet in this afternoon’s World Cup Final.

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Arsenal vs Boreham Wood: How to watch Unai Emery's first game live online for free
Arsenal have been busy this summer laying the groundwork for the Unai Emery era, but Gunners fans will get their first taste of what the new coach has to offer as his new-look team take to the pitch for the first time today.

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Donald Trump and Tommy Robinson protests: Met Police warn of crackdown on weekend demonstrations
Police have warned of a crackdown as Donald Trump and Tommy Robinson supporters prepare to link-up for a mass march in central London.

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Waterloo delays: South Western Railway train passengers face rush hour chaos due to person on the tracks at Queenstown Road
Waterloo rail passengers are braced for an evening of chaos after to a person walked on to the tracks.

Added: 12 Jul 2018 21:20 GMT   
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Kenedy: Newcastle sign Brazilian midfielder on season-long loan
Chelsea winger Kenedy returns to Newcastle on a season-long loan following a successful spell at the club last season.

Added: 12 Jul 2018 12:00 GMT   
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Jorginho undergoes Chelsea medical as Napoli move to block Maurizio Sarri transfer raid
LIVE | Latest transfer news and gossip from the summer window

Added: 11 Jul 2018 13:40 GMT   
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Tory Brexit rebels fight among themselves amid 'plot to oust Theresa May'
Hardline Brexiteers were fighting openly among themselves today over claims of more Cabinet resignations and a plot to oust Theresa May.

Added: 11 Jul 2018 11:20 GMT   
Post by LDNnews: Becontree
England World Cup fever: Pubs in UK face 'busiest night of the year' as Brits to down extra 10 million pints during semi-final clash with Croatia
The UK’s pubs are facing their "busiest night of the year" as the Three Lions prepare to face Croatia in the World Cup semi-finals, trade bodies have warned.

The 1750 Rocque map is bounded by Sudbury (NW), Snaresbrook (NE), Eltham (SE) and Hampton Court (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1750 map does not display.

The 1800 mapping is bounded by Stanmore (NW), Woodford (NE), Bromley (SE) and Hampton Court (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1800 map does not display.

The 1830 mapping is bounded by West Hampstead (NW), Hackney (NE), Greenwich (SE) and Chelsea (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1830 map does not display.

The 1860 mapping is bounded by Brent Cross (NW), Stratford (NE), Greenwich (SE) and Hammermith (SW).
Outside these bounds, the 1860 map does not display.

The 1900 mapping covers all of the London area.



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Central Park:   
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A13, RM9 · Aldborough Road, RM10 · Althorne Way, RM10 · Amesbury Road, RM9 · Arden Crescent, RM9 · Armstead Walk, RM10 · Arnold Road, RM9 · Ashbrook Road, RM10 · Auriel Avenue, RM10 · Ayloffe Road, RM9 · Baddow Close, RM10 · Baden-Powell Close, RM9 · Ballards Road, RM10 · Barnmead Road, RM9 · Beadles Parade, Rainham Road South, RM10 · Beam Avenue, RM10 · Beam Way, RM10 · Beech Gardens, RM10 · Bell Farm Avenue, RM10 · Bell Farm Avenue, RM7 · Birdbrook Close, RM10 · Blackborne Road, RM10 · Bluebird Lane, RM10 · Boleyn Gardens, RM10 · Bosworth Road, RM10 · Boyne Road, RM10 · Bradwell Avenue, RM10 · Braintree Road, RM10 · Breach Lane, RM9 · Brett Gardens, RM9 · Broad Street, RM10 · Brook Avenue, RM10 · Bull Lane, RM10 · Burdetts Road, RM9 · Butteridges Close, RM9 · Buttfield Close, RM10 · Cadiz Road, RM10 · Calverley Crescent, RM10 · Canberra Close, RM10 · Canberra Crescent, RM10 · Cartwright Road, RM9 · Causton Square, RM10 · Central Park Avenue, RM10 · Chantress Close, RM10 · Chaplin Road, RM9 · Charles Road, RM10 · Charlotte Road, RM10 · Chequers Lane, RM9 · Cherry Gardens, RM9 · Choats Manor Way, RM9 · Choats Road, IG11 · Choats Road, RM9 · Church Elm Lane, RM10 · Church Lane, RM10 · Clemence Road, RM10 · Coleman Road, RM9 · Comyns Road, RM9 · Coombes Road, RM9 · Coopers Close, IG6 · Coopers Close, RM10 · Cortina Drive, RM13 · Cortina Drive, RM9 · Cranmer Gardens, RM10 · Crescent Road, RM10 · Croppath Road, RM10 · Crosby Road, RM10 · Crown Street, RM10 · D’Arcy Gardens, RM9 · Dagenham Avenue, RM9 · Dagenham Road, RM10 · Dagmar Road, RM10 · Danette Gardens, RM10 · Delvers Mead, RM10 · Dewey Road, RM10 · Downing Road, RM9 · Dunbar Avenue, RM10 · Eastbrook Avenue, RM10 · Eastbrook Close, RM10 · Eastfield Gardens, RM10 · Eastfield Road, RM10 · Eaton Gardens, RM9 · Edgehill Gardens, RM10 · Elstow Road, RM9 · Exeter Road, RM10 · Fanshawe Crescent, RM9 · Farm Close, RM10 · Felhurst Crescent, RM10 · Fels Close, RM10 · Fels Farm Avenue, RM10 · Finnymore Road, RM9 · First Avenue, RM10 · Ford Road, RM10 · Foxlands Crescent, RM10 · Foxlands Lane, RM12 · Frizlands Lane, RM10 · Gay Gardens, RM10 · Glebe Road, RM10 · Glencoe Drive, RM10 · Goresbrook Road, RM8 · Goresbrook Road, RM9 · Goring Road, RM10 · Greenwood Avenue, RM10 · Grove Gardens, RM10 · Halbutt Street, RM9 · Hamden Crescent, RM10 · Hardie Road, RM10 · Haresfield Road, RM10 · Harris Road, RM9 · Harrison Road, RM10 · Hatfield Road, RM9 · Heath Road, RM8 · Heathway, RM10 · Heathway, RM9 · Hedgemans Road, RM9 · Hedgemans Way, RM9 · Hindmans Way, RM9 · Holgate Road, RM10 · Hollidge Way, RM10 · Home Gardens, RM10 · Honey Close, RM10 · Hooks Hall Drive, RM10 · Horsebridges Close, RM9 · Hunsdon Close, RM9 · Ibscott Close, RM10 · Ingleby Road, RM10 · Jack Jones Way, RM9 · John Parker Close, RM10 · Jordans Close, RM10 · Kent Avenue, RM9 · Kershaw Road, RM10 · Kingsmill Road, RM9 · Lake Gardens, RM10 · Lake Road, RM10 · Lake Road, RM9 · Langhorne Road, RM10 · Lewis Way, RM10 · Leys Avenue, RM10 · Leys Avenue, RM13 · Listowel Road, RM10 · Lockwell Road, RM10 · Lower Broad Street, RM10 · Lullington Road, RM9 · Manning Road, RM10 · Manor Road, RM10 · Marsh Green Road, RM10 · Marston Avenue, RM10 · Marston Close, RM10 · Mayswood Gardens, RM10 · Meadow Walk, RM9 · Merrielands Crescent, RM9 · Monmouth Road, RM9 · Morland Road, RM10 · Morrison Road, RM9 · Moss Road, RM10 · Naseby Road, RM10 · New Road, RM10 · New Road, RM9 · North Close, RM10 · Norton Road, RM10 · Norwich Road, RM9 · Nuneaton Road, RM9 · Nutbrowne Road, RM9 · Oglethorpe Road, RM10 · Oglethorpe Road, RM8 · Osborne Road, RM9 · Osborne Square, RM9 · Ottawa Gardens, RM10 · Oval Road North, RM10 · Oval Road South, RM10 · Panyers Gardens, RM10 · Park Drive, RM10 · Pasture Road, RM9 · Pembroke Gardens, RM10 · Perry Road, RM9 · Pettits Place, RM10 · Pettits Road, RM10 · Plumtree Close, RM10 · Polesworth Road, RM9 · Pond Lees Close, RM10 · Powell Gardens, RM10 · Princess Parade, New Road, RM10 · Rainham Road North, RM10 · Raydons Gardens, RM9 · Raydons Road, RM9 · Rectory Road, RM10 · Review Road, RM10 · Richard Ryan Place, RM9 · Richardson Gardens, RM10 · Ridgewell Close, RM10 · Rob Pascoe Lane, RM9 · Rogers Gardens, RM10 · Rogers Road, RM10 · Romsey Road, RM9 · Ron Todd Close, RM10 · Rookery Crescent, RM10 · Roosevelt Way, RM10 · Rowdowns Road, RM9 · Royal Parade, Church Street, RM10 · Rusholme Avenue, RM10 · Saint Georges Road, RM9 · Salisbury Road, RM10 · Sandown Avenue, RM10 · Sandown Court, RM10 · Sawyers Close, RM10 · School Road, RM10 · Second Avenue, RM10 · Sedgemoor Drive, RM10 · Shafter Road, RM10 · Sheldon Road, RM9 · Shortcrofts Road, RM9 · Sierra Drive, RM10 · Sierra Drive, RM9 · Singleton Road, RM9 · Siviter Way, RM10 · South Close, RM10 · Spinney Gardens, RM9 · Springpond Road, RM9 · St Georges Road, RM9 · St Giles Close, RM10 · Stansgate Road, RM10 · Starmans Close, RM9 · Sterry Crescent, RM10 · Sterry Road, RM10 · Stour Road, RM10 · Stratford Close, RM10 · Studley Road, RM9 · Talbot Road, RM9 · Tallow Close, RM9 · Terrace Walk, RM9 · Thames Avenue, RM9 · The Mall Millard Terrace, RM10 · Thetford Road, RM9 · Third Avenue, RM10 · Thunderer Road, RM9 · Thunderer Road, SE28 · Tilney Road, RM9 · Tony Rawson Way, RM10 · Tree Top Mews, RM10 · Trefgarne Road, RM10 · Treswell Road, RM9 · Trinidad Gardens, RM10 · Trinity School, RM10 · Urswick Gardens, RM9 · Urswick Road, RM9 · Uvedale Road, RM10 · Vicarage Road, RM10 · Vincent Road, RM9 · Vineries Close, RM9 · Walfrey Gardens, RM9 · Wallers Close, RM9 · Webbscroft Road, RM10 · Wellington Close, RM10 · Wellington Drive, RM10 · Western Avenue, RM10 · Westfield Road, RM9 · Wheel Farm Drive, RM10 · Whitebarn Lane, RM10 · Wilthorne Gardens, RM10 · Winstead Gardens, RM10 · Wisdons Close, RM10 · Woodshire Road, RM10 · Wythenshawe Road, RM10 ·
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South Essex and North Kent (1805)
Ordnance Survey First Series. The first completed map was of the county of Kent in 1801. The first use of the term Ordnance Survey in manuscript was in 1801, but it did not appear on an engraved map until 1810. William Mudge was the effective head from the start and actual head of the Survey from 1804 to 1820.
Reproduced from the 1805 Ordnance Survey map.

Ordnance Survey of the London region (1939) FREE DOWNLOAD
Ordnance Survey colour map of the environs of London 1:10,560 scale
Ordnance Survey. Crown Copyright 1939.

Outer London (1901) FREE DOWNLOAD
Outer London shown in red, City of London in yellow. Relief shown by hachures.
Stanford's Geographical Establishment. London : Edward Stanford, 26 & 27, Cockspur St., Charing Cross, S.W. (1901)

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