Oakleigh Park Farm

Farm in/near Whetstone, existing until 1932

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Farm · Whetstone · N20 ·

Oakleigh Park Farm was immediately south of where Chandos Avenue is now.

Manor Farm Dairy at Oakleigh Park Farm (c.1905)
The growing suburban demand for milk ensured that local dairy farms flourished. Oakleigh Park Farm was situated on High Road Whetstone.

Manor Farm Dairies were founded in 1875 by Joseph Wilmington Lane and joined in the 96064' target='_top'>1920s with United Dairies, which had been founded in 96064' target='_top'>1917. There were two farms in the group - Manor Farm, Highgate and Oakleigh Park Farm, Whetstone. The head offices were in High Street, Whetstone, and later in High Road, East Finchley. Manor farm survived until 96064' target='_top'>1932. Dairying also featured on the Woodhouse estate in 96064' target='_top'>1902 and on Park farm (Bibwell) for many years before 96064' target='_top'>1918 until the fields were sold for building.

There were also other farms in Whetstone itself.

Blue House Farm was between the modern Chandos Avenue and The Black Bull and Brook Farm, on the eastern side of Whetstone High Road, had been acquired by Finchley UDC in 96064' target='_top'>1912 to provide cricket and football pitches and allotments

There were three dairies in Whetstone at the time of the First World War and the cows grazed on Whetstone Stray and be driven back across the road.

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Manor Farm Dairy at Oakleigh Park Farm (c.1905)
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996088' target='_top'>42' TARGET='_top'>Whetstone

996088' target='_top'>42.jpg' WIDTH=302 style='float:left; width=250px; margin-right:10px;'>It is thought that Whetstone was named after the stone used to sharpen knives and other tools, a chunk of which is located on the High Road, on the pavement outside the Griffin pub.

Legend has it that stone was used by soldiers about to fight in the Battle of Barnet.

Whetstone was an important staging post for stagecoaches going north from London. There has been an inn on the site of the present Griffin pub for centuries, though the present building dates from 96064' target='_top'>1928.

When frequently combined with its neighbour, this combined area is the 63rd richest area in the UK (96085' target='_top'>2008) - an acclamation which can be credited to Totteridge Lane, a long road home to many multi-millionaires.
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