Arkley Lane, EN5

Road in/near High Barnet, existing until now

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Arkley Lane, off Barnet Road, is an old drovers’ road.

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Arkley Lane and Pastures is a 50-hectare Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation, Grade II. Located on the Barnet Plateau, it is now a quiet country lane with a traditional bank and ditch. The thick hedges are composed of beech and hornbeam, ash, field maple and magnificent old pedunculate oaks.

The hedge flora are dominated by cow parsley, and the ditches have wetland flowers including water figwort and wild angelica. A small adjacent woodland, which is probably ancient, has nesting birds, including sparrowhawks, willow warblers and stock doves. Muntjac deer are often seen there.

The fields on either side of the lane are traditionally managed, some grazed by horses and others managed as hay meadows. Three fields which have escaped agricultural improvement support wild flowers typical of old grassland, such as sneezewort and pignut.

There is only public access to the lane itself. The tarmacked road continues as a bridleway beyond the Barnet boundary to Saffron Green Meadows in Hertfordshire and to the A1 road.

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John Morton
John Morton   
Added: 17 Nov 2017 14:36 GMT   
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Post by John Morton: Manor Way, WD6

I remember the following shops along Manor Way: Martins, Bishop’s, the Co Op and Dewhurst.
Added: 12 Nov 2017 23:39 GMT   
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Post by Jamemala: Fiveways Corner Flyover, NW4

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Post by LDNnews: Woodside Park
Most Wanted - November 17
Here are Barnet’s most wanted offenders.
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Post by LDNnews: Mill Hill Broadway
Spurs call to ’give an hour’ to fund children’s hospice
Famous football players have called on the community to give an hour of their salary to a local cause.
Added: 17 Nov 2017 00:20 GMT   
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Post by LDNnews: Totteridge And Whetstone
’Cheeky’ chicken restaurant to open
A new restaurant is set to bring jobs for the community and delicious food alongside.
Added: 16 Nov 2017 00:20 GMT   
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Post by LDNnews: Totteridge And Whetstone
Rollercoaster ride in store as comedy roadshow returns
Despite taking to the stage in Chichester Festival Theatre’s Fiddler on the Roof this summer, comedian and performer Omid Djalili has not broken a sweat as he returns for new dates of his stand-up show, Schmuck for a Night, having performed 110 dates earlier in the year.
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Arkley is located north-west of London, and at 482 ft above sea level is one of the highest points.

It consists of a long village strung out between Barnet and Stirling Corner roughly centred around the "Gate" pub and is composed of the ancient hamlets of Barnet Gate, Rowley Green and Arkley hamlet. It is also home to one of the oldest windmills in southern England.

From at least the early 19th century until the 1890s, Arkley was commonly known as 'Barnet Common' or 'West Barnet'.

It is thought by some that Hendon Wood Lane was originally a minor Roman road. Certainly the name, 'Grendel's Gate' (now Barnet Gate, and formally known as 'Grims Gate'), is associated with the monster from the Saxon epic, Beowulf. This implies that the place was of modest importance as early as 1005. It may have been a centre of a small but significant community, founded on a woodland economy.

The area is latter referred to in medieval documents as 'Southhaw', and may have pre-dated the settlement at Chipping Barnet. Certainly, Barnet manorial court was held here in the 13th century. Nobody is sure what the 'Ark', part of Arkley means but the 'ley' means a "clearing of some sort". Its earliest appearance is about 1330. By the 16th century, these woods had been cleared, and the subsequent clearing formed common.

Important buildings in the area include St Peter's Church, designed by George Beckett. Built in 1840 at a cost of £5,000, it contains the monument of its benefactor, Enoch Durant (died 1848), and a bell cast by Thomas Mears.

St Peter's can be found opposite the War Memorial on Barnet Road in Arkley.

Arkley, as an ecclesiastical district was established in the same year, and as a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1905. Arkley Windmill was in use by 1806. It is marked as 'corn' windmill on the Ordnance Survey of the 1860s . From photographs, it appears to have had only two of its original sails by the 1890s, by which time it may have been powered by steam. It ceased to be a functioning mill during World War I, and was restored in 1930, but not as a working mill. The Gate Inn retains some of its original features. Until the early 1960s a large tree grew up from the floor of the pub and out through the roof.

Arkley:   Arkley is located north-west of London, and at 482 ft above sea level is one of the highest points.
Bells Hill Burial Ground:   Bells Hill Burial Ground is a 3.3 hectare cemetery.

High Street Barnet:   This photo is of the parade opposite the Monk public house in Barnet. Probably circa 1900.

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