Ossulston Estate

Estate in/near Somers Town, existing between 1931 and now


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Sea Grassland House Industrial
Locality Power station
Hamlet Power station: Wind
Village Power station (hydro)
Estate Power station (fossil)
Suburb Power station (nuclear)
Town Electricity substation
Large town Waste Water
Flats/block/tower Works
City Pylon
Riverbank Woodland (natural) Tourist attraction Ferry Port
River Woodland (forest) Museum Boatyard
Canal Gallery Mooring
Aqueduct Theatre Water Tower
Arts Centre
Lake/pond/reservoir Coastline Administrative Historical
Lake Coastline (Sand) Government (local) Workhouse
Pond Coastline (Mud) Government (national) Orphanage
Reservoir Coastline (Stone) International organisation
Dock Cliff Military Former location
Water park Police station Castle
Basin Prison Memorial
Isle Post Office Battlefield
Isolated rock/islet Fire station Historical Ruins
Headland Ambulance station
Agricultural land Sport
Farm Stadium
Glasshouse Sports Centre
Vinticulture Leisure Centre
Orchard Equestrian
Agriculture buildings Motor sport
Allotments Swimming pool
Estate Bowling green
Ten Pin Bowling
Ice Rink/Ski Centre
Glacier Landscape Transportation Place of worship
Desert/Arid Taxi stand Church
Scrubland Rail Mosque
Rocky landscape Airport Hindu Temple
Volcano Rail station Synagogue
Marsh Underground/subway station
Quarry Bus station
Heathland Car Park
Snow/permafrost Fuel/Filling station
Dry watercourse/salt flat Bus/tram stop
Water feature Open space Community Restaurant
Waterfall Park School Cafe
Geyser/Waterspout Theme park College/University Bakery
Weir Zoo/wildlife Hospital
Lock Cemetery Health Centre
Spring National Park Library
Wadi Sports field Community Centre Meal Takeaway
Waterhole Golf course Doctor Meal Delivery
Oasis Racecourse Dentist Liquor Store
Campsite Pub/bar
Non-open space Structure Shopping
Gardens Dam Department store
Botanical Gardens Mast/Antenna Shopping Mall
Nature reserve Windmill
Large building
Human activity Miscellaneous Commercial Finance
Marina Cave entrance Retail Bank
Aquarium Summit (Hill/Mountain) Accountants
Firing range Headquarters Insurance
Danger area Office
Picnic site Oil refinery
Playground Open cast mine/Quarry)
Caravan site/RV park Hotel Oil/gas pumping station
Recreation Ground
Landfill site ATM
Other water usage Miscellanous Image
Coral Reef TV/Film studio Image direction N
Radio station Image direction NE
Newspaper/Magazine Image direction E
Internet Image direction SE
Airport runway Image direction S
Helipad Image direction SW
Airfield Image direction W
Image direction NW