Agar Grove, NW1
St. Paulís Road - now Agar Grove (c.1905)
Formerly known as St Paul’s Road, the name Agar Grove dates from the early 20th century.

Agar Grove was called after William Agar an irascible lawyer who lived in Camden. Having also been the name and the brains behind the squalid Agar Town, he opposed Regent’s Canal going through his land. Agar Town disappeared when the next transport revolution - the Midland Railway - arrived in the area.

Although there was some development in Agar Grove during the 1840s, the majority of houses date from the 1860s - mostly semi-detached villas on a similar scale and design to houses in nearby St Augustine’s Road and Cantelowes Road.

Modern, post war housing is now very much an additional feature of Agar Grove.

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