Roman Road, E3

Roman Road is divided into an E2 and E3 section.

The Roman Road Market may date from as early as 1843 but was certainly as a fully fledged street market in 1887 by poverty campaigner Charles Booth. He reported that "Roman Road ... is one of the great market streets in London. Things to be bought of every sort, even patent leather shoes."

By 1901 there were 90 stalls trading in Roman Road. Typical market produce, says, would have included fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, furniture and clothing.

The market was partly pedestrianised after the Second World War. Two archways, erected in 1986, mark each end of the Roman Road Market. Nowadays, Roman Road Market operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The newspaper of the Suffragette movement was published from 321 Roman Road. The Suffragettes ran a stall in Roman Road market selling the ’Women’s Dreadnought; together with the toys and second hand goods.

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