Saville Road, E16
Saville Road showing the Dominion Monarch in the King George V Dry Dock. (1946)
Credit: Getty Images

Saville Road is famous as the street featured in the credits of the TV series "Call The Midwife".

When originally laid out, Saville Road crossed Drew Road meeting the boundary of the dock. Drew Road School was situated in this ’lost’ section of Saville Road.

Saville Road is the setting for a famous photograph of the Dominion Monarch in the King George V Dry Dock, pictured immediately behind Saville Road’s dock fence. The ship was part of the Shaw Saville Line. The Dominion Monarch was launched in 1939 and broken up in 1962. It was in the King George V dock for a clean up of its bottom and a repaint.

The dock has now been partially filled in and the DLR station for the City Airport can now be seen from the street instead of the dock.

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