Pereira Street, E1
Pereira Street on 17 September 1913 just before demolition. The tower in the distance belonged to the Albion Brewery in the Whitechapel Road.

Pereira Street ran north/south in Bethnal Green.

It ran from Neath Place in the north down to Bath Street at its south end.

Directly after its construction it was two streets - Duke Street north of the junction with Thomas Passage and Wellington Street to the south. The latter was the first of the two to be built - marked on the 1820 map without Duke Street. Presumably the two were named after the victor at Waterloo, one after the other.

Halfway along, the Freemasons Arms pub was situated at 45 Pereira Street.

It was swept away as part of slum clearances in Whitechapel, Limehouse and Shoreditch.

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