Watford Way, NW4

Watford Way runs from Hendon Central circus to Apex Corner.

It was opened in 1923 as part of a great roadbuilding programme in north London in the years after the First World War as use of the motor car increased.

The North Circular Road was built during the same period. To alleviate growing congestion, it was decided to bypass Barnet with its inconvenient hill. Thus the A1 was rerouted in a large swathe between Highgate and South Mimms. The ’Barnet By-Pass’ dissected Hampstead Garden Suburb, through Henley’s Corner, Fiveways Corner to Apex Corner and then north.

At the same time it was decided to create a new trunk route - the A41 from Watford into London. This new route from Watford joined the new A1 at Apex Corner, diverting at Fiveways Corner and running through Brent Cross to the Finchley Road, south of Childs Hill.

The roadbuilders took advantage of the building of the Northern Line extension north of Golders Green and ran the new road through the new Handon Central circus beside a new station. North of this roundabout the road was called Watford Way and south, Hendon Way.

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