Connaught Close, W2

Connaught Close is a cul-de-sac off Connaught Street.

Connaught Close is part of the Church Commissioners’ Hyde Park Estate, and Westminster City Council’s Bayswater Conservation Area

Originally called Albion Mews North, it contains ten properties behind the larger houses in Albion Street and Hyde Park Street.

The Mews runs north-south, is fairly small and curves around to the right half way down, where the cobbled surface turns into concrete.

Booth’s London Poverty Maps record the area in the late nineteenth century as being fairly comfortable with good, ordinary earnings.

In World War II, a bomb fell directly onto Connaught Close and several properties had to be rebuilt as a result.

Connaught Close is a good example of an original/ surviving Mews, now predominantly used for residential purposes. Notable alterations include small changes to the doors and fenestration, a conservatory and basement excavations.

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