Southey Road, SW9
Southey Road runs between Brixton Road and Hackford Road.

Some years after the laying out of the thoroughfare, the first housing was erected around 1830. At the time Southey Road was an almost rural lane.

In 1899, Cranworth Gardens was built running south from Southey Road with new mansion flats.

Second World War bombing meant the demolition of all buildings on the north side of the street and some to the south including North Brixton Hall.

Lambeth Council build the Caldwell Gardens estate in 1954, most blocks named after Greek gods.

Southey Road was originally named St Ann’s Street and then St Ann’s Road, the name also applied to Hackford Road until the late 1860s.

Poet Robert Southey stayed with his parents on ‘Brixton Causeway’ (later Brixton Road) in 1793, which adjoins this road.

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