Saint John the Evangelist

Saint John’s Church stands on the busy crossroads of Harrow Road, Kilburn Lane and Ladbroke Grove and on the boundaries of the London Boroughs of Brent, Kensington and the City of Westminster, in which it stands.

Saint John the Evangelist, to give the church its full name was built in 1844. In the mid 20th century a great deal of work was carried out on the inside of the building. One of the biggest tasks was to lower the ceiling and redecorate. In June 2004 an arson attack took place in the church resulting in a large hole in the floor and blackened walls. The walls were repaired but have subsequently suffered damp due to much needed repairs to the church exterior.

During 2013 the church embarked upon a major restoration project addressing external repairs and this was completed in early 2014.

St John’s has been described as either the first church or the last church in the City of Westminster depending on which way you are travelling.

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