Avenue Road, DA7
Avenue Road, Bexleyheath on 4 November 1914, looking north towards Pickford Lane and Bexleyheath station. Behind the trees on the right can be seen large detached houses. Greenhouses appear behind the opposite row of trees on the left-hand side.
Credit: Ideal Homes
Avenue Road runs south from Bexleyheath railway station.

Avenue Road took its name from its distinct avenue of elm trees. The line of trees led to the Manor House which had been built in 1769 by William Wheatley. In 1858 the house was pulled down and in August 1874 the Wheatley estate was sold off fetching c.170,000. The open land being sold for building development including new homes. Large detached houses were built, starting in the south end of the street.

Market gardening remained the main local industry which benefited greatly with the coming of the railway to Bexleyheath in 1895. By the turn of the twentieth century, large nurseries had appeared on both sides of the road.

The railway fuelled development and the market gardens gave way to further housing.

Sadly, The trees were felled in 1936, bringing the streetscape into line with many others locally.

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