The back gardens of Hazelbank Road (1915)
The view from the rear of no 133 Hazelbank Road across Shroffold's Farm, 1915.
The view from the rear of 133 Hazelbank Road in Lewisham across Shroffold’s Farm, 1915

While London seems to have surburbanised quickly between the world wars, it actually grew in sudden spurts between housing slumps. There were many slowdowns in building in the nineteenth century and, after the Wall Street crash, a slowdown in the twentieth century too.

Sometimes building speculation would part build an area, leaving gaps for a decade or two where the old farms would carry on.

This was true for areas now considered part of inner London such as Lewisham. Hazelbank Road stretched southwest-northeast but Shroffold’s Farm was still a going concern at the back of the new housing.

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