Kamballa Road, SW11

Kamballa Road ran from Natal Road to Falcon Road.

Alfred Heaver bought the land here in 1879 becoming part of the Falcon Park estate. Surveyor W. C. Poole planned the area, continuing Mantua Street eastwards. Two new streets, Heaver Road and Musjid Road were set out running between Natal Road and Falcon Road.

Kambala Road was built when in 1882 Alfred Heaver obtained building rights over a narrow market-garden field which lay south of the Prince’s Head and which had a house called Falcon House on it. The field had been leased in the 1850s to William Watling who had promised to build on it but instead rented out Falcon House and let the lands at the back for a piggery and cowsheds.

Watling’s grandson, John Stephens, acquired the freehold in 1880 just before he died. The leases for houses on
Kamballa Road houses were mostly giving out by his widow Emily Louise Stephens.

Between Kamballa and Musjid Roads, Arding and Hobbs had a warehouse and there were workshops for Munt Brothers.

Residential between 1882 and the second world war, the area was bombed and was undeveloped in 1971 when plans for a new estate which would be built over the old streets was mooted.

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