Sep 19

Roding Valley in 1900

With roughly 210,000 passengers a year, Roding Valley is the least-used station on the entire Underground network.

Back in 1900, while the line from Epping to Woodford existed and is shown on the map, the tracks through Roding Valley were not opened until 1 May 1903 when the Great Eastern Railway (GER) opened its Woodford to Ilford line (the “Fairlop Loop”).

By the 1930s, the area was starting to be built up and the station opened on 3 February 1936 by the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER, successor to the GER). Roding Valley was a new name created for the station – named after the nearby river.  It was originally named “Roding Valley Halt”.

Even today, the floodplain of the river has effectively stopped the eastward expansion of housing.


View the full 1900 map of Roding Valley


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