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Aug 22

Curiosities of London

This book by John Timms, published in 1855, will be improved and used as time goes on… PREFACE. Little need be said to bespeak the interest of readers in the staple¬†of the present work ” the Notable Things in the History of London¬†through its Nineteen Centuries of accredited antiquity.Still, I am anxious to offer a …

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Jun 01

The Fascination of Kensington

The Kensington District, by Geraldine Edith Mitton (First published 1903) Editor: Walter Besant Project Gutenberg THE KENSINGTON DISTRICT Herbert Railton HOLLAND HOUSE. The Fascination of London KENSINGTON BY G. E. MITTON Kensington When people speak of Kensington they generally mean a very small area lying north and south of the High Street; to this some …

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