Albert Terrace, W5

Road in/near North Ealing, existing between the 1890s and now

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Albert Terrace was the site of a local school in the 1890s.


None so far :(

Born here
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More Wisdom
Norman Joseph Wisdom was born in St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, West London.

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Pennard Road, W12
My wife and I, young Canadians, lodged at 65 (?) Pennard Road with a fellow named Clive and his girlfriend, Melanie, for about 6 months in 1985. We loved the area and found it extremely convenient.

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The "post-war detached houses" mentioned in the description were "prefabs" - self-contained single-storey pre-fabricated dwellings. Demolition of houses on the part that became Senegal Fields was complete by 1964 or 1965.

Source: Prefabs in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

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Lord Chatham’s Ride (does it even exist?)
Just to say that I cycled from my home in Sanderstead to Knockholt Pound at the weekend hoping to ride Lord Chatham’s Ride, but could I find it? No. I rode up Chevening Lane, just past the Three Horseshoes pub and when I reached the end of the road there was a gate and a sign reading "Private, No Entry". I assumed this was the back entrance to Chevening House, country retreat of the Foreign Secretary, and that Lord Chatham’s Ride was inside the grounds. At least that’s what I’m assuming as I ended up following a footpath that led me into some woods with loads of rooted pathways, all very annoying. Does Lord Chatham’s Ride exist and if so, can I ride it, or is it within the grounds of Chevening House and, therefore, out of bounds? Here’s an account of my weekend ride with images, see URL below.

Source: No Visible Lycra: Lord Chatham’s ride: a big disappointmen

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my grandparents lived there as well as 2 further generations
my home

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Cheltenham Road, SE15
Harris Girls’ Academy, in Homestall Road, just off Cheltenham Road, was formerly Waverley School. Before that it was built as Honor Oak Girls’ Grammar School. It was also the South London Emergency School during WW2,taking girls from various schools in the vicinity, including those returning from being evacuated.

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Bra top
I jave a jewelled item of clothong worn by a revie girl.
It is red with diamante straps. Inside it jas a label Bermans Revue 16 Orange Street but I cannot find any info online about the revue only that 16 Orange Street used to be a theatre. Does any one know about the revue. I would be intesrested to imagine the wearer of the article and her London life.

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Dunloe Avenue, N17
I was born in 1951,my grandparents lived at 5 Dunloe Avenue.I had photos of the coronation decorations in the area for 1953.The houses were rented out by Rowleys,their ’workers yard’ was at the top of Dunloe Avenue.The house was fairly big 3 bedroom with bath and toilet upstairs,and kitchenette downstairs -a fairly big garden.My Grandmother died 1980 and the house was taken back to be rented again


Albert Road, W5 The line of Albert Road, albeit with no building, appeared on maps during the 1890s.
Argyle Road, W13 Argyle Road came into existence in 1870.
Barnfield Road, W5 Barnfield Road is a road in the W5 postcode area
Bellevue Road, W13 Bellevue Road is a street in Ealing.
Berwick Close, W13 Berwick Close is a location in London.
Brentcot Close, W13 Brentcot Close is a road in the W13 postcode area
Buckingham Close, W5 Buckingham Close is a street in Ealing.
Castle Bar Hill, W13 Castle Bar Hill is a road in the W13 postcode area
Castle Bar Park, W5 Castle Bar Park is a road in the W5 postcode area
Castlebar Hill, W13 Castlebar Hill is the name of a hill and the road running up that hill.
Castlebar Mews, W5 Castlebar Mews appears on maps during the 1890s.
Cheriton Close, W5 Cheriton Close is a road in the W5 postcode area
Clivedon Court, W13 Clivedon Court lies off Scotch Common.
Curzon Road, W5 Curzon Road is a street in Ealing.
Denison Road, W5 Denison Road is part of the final phase of Brentham Garden Suburb.
Fern Dene, W13 Fern Dene is a road in the W13 postcode area
Glencairn Drive, W5 Glencairn Drive is a street in Ealing.
Hardwick Green, W13 Hardwick Green is a street in Ealing.
Harrow View Road, W5 Harrow View Road is a street in Ealing.
Holyoake Court, W5 Holyoake Court dates from the 1930s.
Holyoake House, W5 Holyoake House was opened in 1912.
Holyoake Walk, W5 Holyoake Walk designed by G. Lister Sutcliffe in 1911.
Kent Avenue, W13 Kent Avenue is a street in Ealing.
Kent Gardens, W13 Kent Gardens runs between Scotch Common and Castlebar Hill.
Lanark Close, W5 Lanark Close is a road in the W5 postcode area
Lindfield Road, W5 Lindfield Road is a street in Ealing.
Meadvale Road, W5 Meadvale Road was one of the first Brentham Garden Suburb roads.
Middlefielde, W13 Middlefielde is a series of cul-de-sacs lying off of Templewood.
Mount Pleasant Road, W5 Mount Pleasant Road is a street in Ealing.
North View, W5 North View dates from 1911.
Oaklands, W13 Oaklands is a street in Ealing.
Pendlewood Close, W5 Pendlewood Close is a road in the W5 postcode area
Perivale Gardens, W13 Perivale Gardens is a road in the W13 postcode area
Pitshanger Court, W5 Pitshanger Court dates from the 1930s.
Pitshanger Lane, W5 Pitshanger Lane is one of the oldest roads in the area.
Pitshanger Park, W5 Pitshanger Park is a street in Ealing.
Princes Gardens, W5 Princes Gardens is a street in Ealing.
Queens Gardens, W5 Queens Gardens is a street in Ealing.
Queen’s Walk, W5 Queen’s Walk, though under another name, was already on maps dating from the 1750s.
Roseacre Close, W13 Roseacre Close is a road in the SM1 postcode area
Scotch Common, W13 Scotch Common connects Argyle Road with Pitshanger Lane.
Selby Road, W5 Selby Road is a street in Ealing.
Summerfield Road, W5 Summerfield Road is a road in the W5 postcode area
Sunningdale Road, W13 Sunningdale Road runs off of Templewood.
Sunningdale, W13 Sunningdale is a block lying off of Kent Gardens.
Templewood, W13 Templewood is a street in Ealing.
The Dene, W13 The Dene is a road in the W13 postcode area
The Mead, W13 The Mead is a road in the W13 postcode area
Welsby Court, W5 Welsby Court is a street in Ealing.
Woodbury Park Road, W13 Woodbury Park Road is a road in the W13 postcode area
Woodfield Road, W5 Woodfield Road was the first street built in Brentham Garden Suburb.
Wye Court, W13 Wye Court is a street in Ealing.

Brentham Club The Brentham Club & Institute was opened in 1911 by the Duke and Duchess of Connaught.
Duke Of Kent This pub existed immediately prior to the 2020 global pandemic and may still do so.
St Benedicts Mens Club This pub existed immediately prior to the 2020 global pandemic and may still do so.
The Village Inn The Village Inn stands on Pitshanger Lane.

North Ealing

Perivale Halt
Credit: Unknown
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Licence: CC BY 2.0
The Mall, W5
TUM image id: 1466532857
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Horsenden Lane South (1910)
TUM image id: 1501000405
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In the neighbourhood...

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Fiveways - the junction of Scotch Common and Argyle Road (1902) Early in the twentieth century parts of Ealing were still very rural and this scene was taken in 1902 at a spot known locally at that time as Fiveways. The houses in the distance are in Kent Gardens and are some of the few which were constructed by Henry de Bruno Austin as part of Castle Hill Estate before he went bankrupt.
Credit: G. Fryer
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