Furzehill Road, Borehamwood, Herts.

Road in/near Borehamwood, existing between 1776 and now

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Road · Borehamwood · WD6 ·

Furzehill Road runs from Shenley Road to Barnet Lane.

Several roads in Boreham Wood including Barnet Lane, Furzehill Road, Shenley Road, Allum Lane and Theobald Street, were created as a result of the Enclosure Act of 1776, whereby the 684 acres of Borehamwood Common were divided up amongst various landowners, including the Church, and in return new roads were laid out which were to be sixty feet wide including verges.

Old photos from the nineteenth century show this verge intact and it can still be seen to the south of the junction with Brownlow Road.

In 1910 the Council handed over four acres of allotment land for the building of Furzehill School, and the plot-holders were awarded £1 each in compensation. The Council then purchased another four acres for £300.00 for allotment land, and a further 7 acres in 1924, just off Furzehill Road, for the sum of £157.1s.4d.

At the southern end of Furzehill Road was the Home of Rest For Horses until the 1970s.

Apart from the Barnet Lane end of the road, it is completely built up and part of the urban area of Borehamwood.

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norma brown   
Added: 20 Aug 2021 21:12 GMT   

my grandparents lived there as well as 2 further generations
my home


Irene Smith   
Added: 30 Jun 2017 15:46 GMT   

Keystone Passage, WD6
My mother worked at Keystones in the 1940s before she was married.

She later worked at home which a lot of people did. You would often see people walking around Boreham Wood with boxes filled with piecework for the factory.


Eve Glover   
Added: 22 Oct 2022 09:28 GMT   

Shenley Road
Shenley Road is the main street in Borehamwood where the Job Centre and Blue Arrow were located



Added: 31 Mar 2023 15:07 GMT   

BlackJack Playground
Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance was my favourite childhood park.I went to St Mary’s Catholic school, East Row from Nursery all the way through to Year 6 before Secondary School and I was taken here to play most days. There was a centre piece flower bed in the Voysey Garden surrounded by a pond which my classmates and I used to jump over when no one was looking. The Black jack playground was the go to playground for our sports days and my every day shortcut to get close to the half penny steps foot bridge via Kensal Road. There was also a shop where we could buy ice lollies on hot summer days.The Southern Row side of the Park was filled with pebbles which used to be so fun to walk through as a child, I used to walk through the deepness of the pebbles to get to Bosworth Road or east towards Hornimans Adventure Park.


Added: 29 Mar 2023 17:31 GMT   

Auction of the paper stock of Janssen and Roberts
A broadside advertisement reads: "By auction, to be sold on Thursday next being the 16th of this present July, the remainder of the stock in partnership between Janssen and Roberts, at their late dwelling-house in Dean’s Court, the south side of St. Pauls, consisting of Genoa papers according to the particulars underneath." The date in the ESTC record is purely speculative; July 16th was a Thursday in many years during the 18th century; 1750 is only one possibility. Extensive searching has found no other record of the partners or the auction.

Source: ESTC - Search Results

Born here
Added: 27 Mar 2023 18:28 GMT   

Nower Hill, HA5

Added: 26 Mar 2023 14:50 GMT   

Albert Mews
It is not a gargoyle over the entrance arch to Albert Mews, it is a likeness of Prince Albert himself.

Christine D Elliott   
Added: 20 Mar 2023 15:52 GMT   

The Blute Family
My grandparents, Frederick William Blute & Alice Elizabeth Blute nee: Warnham lived at 89 Blockhouse Street Deptford from around 1917.They had six children. 1. Alice Maragret Blute (my mother) 2. Frederick William Blute 3. Charles Adrian Blute 4. Violet Lillian Blute 5. Donald Blute 6. Stanley Vincent Blute (Lived 15 months). I lived there with my family from 1954 (Birth) until 1965 when we were re-housed for regeneration to the area.
I attended Ilderton Road School.
Very happy memories of that time.


Pearl Foster   
Added: 20 Mar 2023 12:22 GMT   

Dukes Place, EC3A
Until his death in 1767, Daniel Nunes de Lara worked from his home in Dukes Street as a Pastry Cook. It was not until much later the street was renamed Dukes Place. Daniel and his family attended the nearby Bevis Marks synagogue for Sephardic Jews. The Ashkenazi Great Synagogue was established in Duke Street, which meant Daniel’s business perfectly situated for his occupation as it allowed him to cater for both congregations.

Dr Paul Flewers   
Added: 9 Mar 2023 18:12 GMT   

Some Brief Notes on Hawthorne Close / Hawthorne Street
My great-grandparents lived in the last house on the south side of Hawthorne Street, no 13, and my grandmother Alice Knopp and her brothers and sisters grew up there. Alice Knopp married Charles Flewers, from nearby Hayling Road, and moved to Richmond, Surrey, where I was born. Leonard Knopp married Esther Gutenberg and lived there until the street was demolished in the mid-1960s, moving on to Tottenham. Uncle Len worked in the fur trade, then ran a pet shop in, I think, the Kingsland Road.

From the back garden, one could see the almshouses in the Balls Pond Road. There was an ink factory at the end of the street, which I recall as rather malodorous.


Added: 7 Mar 2023 17:14 GMT   

Andover Road, N7 (1939 - 1957)
My aunt, Doris nee Curtis (aka Jo) and her husband John Hawkins (aka Jack) ran a small general stores at 92 Andover Road (N7). I have found details in the 1939 register but don’t know how long before that it was opened.He died in 1957. In the 1939 register he is noted as being an ARP warden for Islington warden


105 Shenley Road, WD6 105 Shenley Road lies along the main street of Borehamwood.
66 Shenley Road, WD6 66 Shenley Road used to lie on the corner of Furzehill Road.
68 Shenley Road 68 Shenley Road was a shop on the corner of Furzehill Road - now disappeared.
Boreham Wood Baptist Church The Baptist Church, situated on the corner of Furzehill Road, opened on 14 July 1911.
Boreham Wood Engine Works The Boreham Wood Engine Works and Loco Packing Company was situated in Drayton Road.
Buses in Shenley Road A 292 and 358 in Shenley Road.
Elstree and Borehamwood Elstree (and Borehamwood) station, constructed in 1868, has undergone a series of name changes.
Elstree Brick Works Elstree Brick Works ran from 1865 until 1915.
Fox and Clark Furniture Shop (1905) The Fox and Clark Furniture Shop was situated at 73 Shenley Road, Boreham Wood.
Hillside School Hillside School existed between 1939 and 2000.
Shenley Road (1930s) Shenley Road, Borehamwood in the 1930s
The Myriad Stores Photo depicting 49 Shenley Road, WD6
Theobald Street, looking north This image probably dates from the 1950s.

Almond Way, WD6 Almond Way is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Auden Drive, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Berkeley Close, WD6 Berkeley Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Brownlow Road, WD6 Brownlow Road was built together with Drayton Road.
Cardinal Avenue, WD6 Cardinal Avenue leads south off of Shenley Road.
Cavendish Crescent, WD6 Cavendish Crescent is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Cedar Close, WD6 Cedar Close is a location in London.
Cedars Close, WD6 Cedars Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Chaucer Grove, WD6 Chaucer Grove is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Coleridge Way, WD6 Coleridge Way is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Deacons Close, WD6 Deacons Close is a location in London.
Drayton Road, WD6 Drayton Road is one of the older streets in Borehamwood.
Dunnock Close, WD6 Dunnock Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Elmwood Avenue, WD6 Elmwood Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Furzehill Parade, WD6 Furzehill Parade is a location in London.
Glenhaven Avenue, WD6 Glenhaven Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Goldfinch Way, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Hampton Close, WD6 Hampton Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Hillside Avenue, WD6 Hillside Avenue was a pre-war road laid out from 1937 onwards.
Hollywood Court, WD6 Hollywood Court was built in 1935.
Keats Close, WD6 Keats Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Keystone Passage, WD6 Keystone Passage commemorates the Keystone factory.
Kipling Way, WD6 Kipling Way is a location in London.
Lakeside Court, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Maple Court, WD6 Maple Court is a location in London.
Martins Walk, WD6 Martins Walk is a location in London.
Melrose Avenue, WD6 Melrose Avenue was the first built of Borehamwood’s ’poet’ roads.
Mildred Avenue, WD6 Mildred Avenue is a curious road, being in two halves.
Milton Drive, WD6 Milton Drive is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Newton Crescent, WD6 Newton Crescent is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Oakfield Court, WD6 Oakfield Court is a location in London.
Oakwood Avenue, WD6 Oakwood Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Penta Court, WD6 Penta Court is a block on Station Road.
Shakespeare Drive, WD6 Shakespeare Drive, which was part of the former Furzehill School is part of a development by Persimmon Plc.
Shelley Close, WD6 This is a street in the WD6 postcode area
Siskin Close, WD6 Siskin Close was built on the site of the Boreham Wood Engine Works.
Station Road, WD6 Station Road was laid out shortly after the railway was built to connect new industry built alongside the railway with the centre of the village.
Tennison Avenue, WD6 Tennison Avenue is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Thurston Way, WD6 Thurston Way is a location in London.
Whitehall Close, WD6 Whitehall Close was named for the Whitehall Studios which formerly stood on the site.
Whitehouse Avenue, WD6 Whitehouse Avenue was originally to be called Cornwall Avenue.
Woodlands Close, WD6 Woodlands Close is a road in the WD6 postcode area
Wordsworth Gardens, WD6 Wordsworth Gardens is a road in the WD6 postcode area

The Crown The Crown was the main pub in Borehamwood until 2010.

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Borehamwood is a town of approximately 30 000 residents in southern Hertfordshire, just outside London, and part of the London commuter belt.

Borehamwood, more commonly called Boreham Wood before the LCC estate was built, is part of the borough of Hertsmere. The town is often associated with the nearby village Elstree (being part of the ancient parish of Elstree), the two still share a local council, now called the Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council.

The A1 passes just to the east of the town, and the M25 passes about two miles north of it.

Since the 1920s, the town has been the location of several film studios. The former British National Studios on Clarendon Road are now the BBC’s Elstree Television Studios. One of BBC’s popular soaps, EastEnders, is produced at the BBC studios, as well as popular medical drama Holby City. ’Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, ’Big Brother’ and major feature films are filmed at the Elstree Studios in Shenley Road.

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Fox and Clark’ Furniture Shop (1905)
TUM image id: 1469393744
Licence: CC BY 2.0
Brickfield Cottages, Boreham Wood
TUM image id: 1556883123
Licence: CC BY 2.0
Clarendon Road, WD6
TUM image id: 1469027977
Licence: CC BY 2.0
Shenley Road, WD6
TUM image id: 1469289026
1 Shenley Road, WD6
TUM image id: 1469916137
Licence: CC BY 2.0
7 Shenley Road, WD6
TUM image id: 1469394829
Licence: CC BY 2.0
39 Shenley Road, WD6
TUM image id: 1469362240
49 Shenley Road, WD6
TUM image id: 1469360460
Licence: CC BY 2.0

In the neighbourhood...

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View of Borehamwood (1928)
Credit: Aerofilms
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Fox and Clark’ Furniture Shop (1905)
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Richard Lidstone draper's shop on the corner of Shenley Road and Fuzehill Road (early 1900s)
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Junction of Shenley Road and Drayton Road (1930s)
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Woodcock Hill 1900s, looking down from the crossroads at Barnet Lane. The entrance to Woodcock Hill farm can just be seen on the right where the horse and cart is.
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Summerswood Primary School
Credit: Eve Glover
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Clarendon Road, WD6
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Shenley Road, WD6

1 Shenley Road, WD6
Licence: CC BY 2.0

7 Shenley Road, WD6
Licence: CC BY 2.0

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