Gurney Road, SW6

Road in/near Fulham .

(51.46829 -0.1846, 51.468 -0.184) 
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Road · Fulham · SW6 ·
Gurney Road lies in Fulham

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Peter H Davies   
Added: 17 Jun 2021 09:33 GMT   

Ethelburga Estate
The Ethelburga Estate - named after Ethelburga Road - was an LCC development dating between 1963�’65. According to the Wikipedia, it has a "pleasant knitting together of a series of internal squares". I have to add that it’s extremely dull :)

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Born here
Joyce Taylor   
Added: 5 Apr 2021 21:05 GMT   

Lavender Road, SW11
MyFather and Grand father lived at 100 Lavender Road many years .I was born here.

Added: 22 Aug 2023 12:42 GMT   

Spicer Street
My grandfather was born in Spicer Street in 1910 and his family lived there for many years from the early 1900s to WWII. He remembered Zeppelin raids as a child during WW1. He left school at 12 and was apprenticed at the Army & Navy stores where he worked to become a silversmith following in his father’s footsteps. As an adult, with a wife and two infant children, he was placed on essential war work and moved at the height of the Blitz to be relocated in Worcestershire where he worked at a newly-founded aircraft factory.

Sue L   
Added: 13 Oct 2023 17:21 GMT   

Duffield Street, Battersea
I’ve been looking for ages for a photo of Duffield Street without any luck.
My mother and grandfather lived there during the war. It was the first property he was able to buy but sadly after only a few months they were bombed out. My mother told the story that one night they were aware of a train stopping above them in the embankment. It was full of soldiers who threw out cigarettes and sweets at about four in the morning. They were returning from Dunkirk though of course my mother had no idea at the time. I have heard the same story from a different source too.


Added: 24 Sep 2023 19:09 GMT   

Meyrick Rd
My family - Roe - lived in poverty at 158 Meyrick Rd in the 1920s, moving to 18 Lavender Terrace in 1935. They also lived in York Rd at one point. Alf, Nell (Ellen), plus children John, Ellen (Did), Gladys, Joyce & various lodgers. Alf worked for the railway (LMS).



Added: 4 Dec 2023 07:05 GMT   

Gambia Street, SE1
Gambia Street was previously known as William Street.

Added: 10 Nov 2023 09:42 GMT   

Brecknock Road Pleating Company
My great grandparents ran the Brecknock Road pleating Company around 1910 to 1920 and my Grandmother worked there as a pleater until she was 16. I should like to know more about this. I know they had a beautiful Victorian house in Islington as I have photos of it & of them in their garden.

Source: Family history

Added: 6 Nov 2023 16:59 GMT   

Why do Thames Water not collect the 15 . Three meter lengths of blue plastic fencing, and old pipes etc. They left here for the last TWO Years, these cause an obstruction,as they halfway lying in the road,as no footpath down this road, and the cars going and exiting the park are getting damaged, also the public are in Grave Danger when trying to avoid your rubbish and the danger of your fences.

Source: Squirrels Lane. Buckhurst Hill, Essex. IG9. I want some action ,now, not Excuses.MK.


Added: 31 Oct 2023 10:34 GMT   

Cornwall Road, W11
Photo shows William Richard Hoare’s chemist shop at 121 Cornwall Road.


Added: 30 Oct 2023 18:48 GMT   

Old pub sign from the Rising Sun
Hi I have no connection to the area except that for the last 30+ years we’ve had an old pub sign hanging on our kitchen wall from the Rising Sun, Stanwell, which I believe was / is on the Oaks Rd. Happy to upload a photo if anyone can tell me how or where to do that!

Phillip Martin   
Added: 16 Oct 2023 06:25 GMT   

16 Ashburnham Road
On 15 October 1874 George Frederick Martin was born in 16 Ashburnham Road Greenwich to George Henry Martin, a painter, and Mary Martin, formerly Southern.

Lived here
Christine Bithrey   
Added: 15 Oct 2023 15:20 GMT   

The Hollies (1860 - 1900)
I lived in Holly Park Estate from 1969 I was 8 years old when we moved in until I left to get married, my mother still lives there now 84. I am wondering if there was ever a cemetery within The Hollies? And if so where? Was it near to the Blythwood Road end or much nearer to the old Methodist Church which is still standing although rather old looking. We spent most of our childhood playing along the old dis-used railway that run directly along Blythwood Road and opposite Holly Park Estate - top end which is where we live/ed. We now walk my mothers dog there twice a day. An elderly gentleman once told me when I was a child that there used to be a cemetery but I am not sure if he was trying to scare us children! I only thought about this recently when walking past the old Methodist Church and seeing the flag stone in the side of the wall with the inscription of when it was built late 1880

If anyone has any answers please email me [email protected]

Chris hutchison   
Added: 15 Oct 2023 03:04 GMT   

35 broadhurst gardens.
35 Broadhurst gardens was owned by famous opera singer Mr Herman “Simmy”Simberg. He had transformed it into a film and recording complex.
There was a film and animation studio on the ground floor. The recording facilities were on the next two floors.
I arrived in London from Australia in 1966 and worked in the studio as the tea boy and trainee recording engineer from Christmas 1966 for one year. The facility was leased by an American advertising company called Moreno Films. Mr Simbergs company Vox Humana used the studio for their own projects as well. I worked for both of them. I was so lucky. The manager was another wonderful gentleman called Jack Price who went on to create numerous songs for many famous singers of the day and also assisted the careers of Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. “Simmy” let me live in the bedsit,upper right hand window. Jack was also busy with projects with The Troggs,Bill Wyman,Peter Frampton. We did some great sessions with Manfred Mann and Alan Price. The Cream did some demos but that was before my time. We did lots of voice over work. Warren Mitchell and Ronnie Corbett were favourites. I went back in 1978 and “Simmy “ had removed all of the studio and it was now his home. His lounge room was still our studio in my minds eye!!


Althea Street, SW6 Althea Street lies within the SW6 postal area
Altura Tower, SW11 Altura Tower can be found on Bridges Court.
Ashcombe Street, SW6 Ashcombe Street was part of the Morrison’s Farm Estate.
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Benham Close, SW11 Benham Close is a road in the SW11 postcode area
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Bridges Court Road, SW11 Bridges Court Road serves the heliport as well as a number of riverside developments.
Bridges Court, SW11 Bridges Court is a block on Bridges Court.
Bridges Wharf, SW11 Bridges Wharf was designed by architects Chantrey Ltd for the Weston Group in 2009.
Broughton Road, SW6 Broughton Road is in the Fulham part of the SW6 area
Byam Street, SW6 Byam Street, forms part of the London suburb of Fulham
Calico House, SW11 Calico House is a 1990s-era residential block.
Calico Row, SW11 Calico Row is one of the roads of Plantation Wharf.
Candlemakers Apartments, SW11 The Candlemakers development was built by Wimpey on the corner of York Road.
Carnwath Road Industrial Estate, SW6 Carnwath Road Industrial Estate is in an area of Fulham
Central Avenue, SW6 Central Avenue is a location in Fulham
Central Garden Apartments, SW6 Central Garden Apartments is a block on Townmead Road.
Chatfield Road, SW11 Chatfield Road was formerly known as Sewell Street.
Cinnamon Row, SW11 Cinnamon Row is a 1990s-era street.
Clove Hitch Quay, SW11 Clove Hitch Quay runs along the riverside of Plantation Wharf.
Commodore House, SW18 Commodore House is one of the blocks of the Battersea Reach development.
Consort House, SW6 Consort House can be found on Lensbury Avenue.
Cotton Row, SW11 Cotton Row, formerly part of York Place, leads to the Thames.
Cranbury Road, SW6 Cranbury Road is in the Fulham area
Cyprus House, SW6 Cyprus House is a block on Townmead Road.
De Morgan Road, SW6 De Morgan Road is in Fulham
Dolphin House, SW6 Dolphin House can be found on Lensbury Avenue.
Dymock Street, SW6 Dymock Street lies in Fulham
Eldred Place, SW11 Canterbury Place - founded in 1842 - became Eldred Place after 1910.
Ensign House, SW11 Ensign House is part of the 2002-built Battersea Reach development.
Ensign House, SW18 Ensign House can be found on Juniper Drive.
Falcon Wharf, SW11 Falcon Wharf is a cluster of four 18-storey back-to-back bright blue ceramic curved towers, built in 2006.
Field Place, SW11 Field Place - also Play Place (after 1937) - was a small road in Battersea.
Flotilla House, SW11 Flotilla House is a residential block.
Flotilla House, SW18 Flotilla House is sited on Juniper Drive.
Fowler Close, SW11 Fowler Close is a road in the SW11 postcode area
Friston Street, SW6 Friston Street dates from 1898.
Furness Road, SW6 Furness Road is in an area of Fulham
Gartons Way, SW11 Gartons Way is one of the streets of London in the SW11 postal area.
Genoa House, SW11 Genoa House is a block beside Flotilla House.
Genoa House, SW18 Genoa House is a block on Juniper Drive.
Glenrosa Street, SW6 This is a street in the SW6 postcode area
Hamble Street, SW6 Hamble Street is in the Fulham area
Hazlebury Road, SW6 Hazlebury Road lies in Fulham
Hibbert Street, SW11 Hibbert Street is a road in the SW11 postcode area
Holgate Avenue, SW11 Holgate Avenue was originally known as Britannia Place before being renamed to Holgate Avenue in 1931.
Holliday Square, SW11 A street within the SW11 postcode
Holman Road, SW11 Holman Road, an east-west street, dates from 1868.
Holtby Place, SW11 The former Edmund’s Place was renamed Holtby Place in 1914.
Hope Street, SW11 Hope Street is a road in the SW11 postcode area
Horizon House, SW11 Horizon House is a residential block.
Horizon House, SW18 Horizon House is a block on Juniper Drive.
Hugon Road, SW6 Hugon Road is in the Fulham part of the SW6 area
Imperial Crescent, SW6 Imperial Crescent is part of Fulham
Ivory House, SW11 Ivory House is a riverside block in Battersea.
Kilkie Street, SW6 Kilkie Street is a location in Fulham
Kingfisher House, SW18 Kingfisher House is a riverside block.
Leeward House, SW11 Leeward House is a 1990s block.
Lensbury House, SW6 Lensbury House is a block on William Morris Way.
Lindrop Street, SW6 Lindrop Street is part of Fulham
Lombard Road, SW11 Lombard Road is one of the streets of London in the SW11 postal area.
Mahogany House, SW6 Mahogany House is sited on Lensbury Avenue.
McManus House, SW11 McManus House is located on York Road.
Mendip Court, SW11 Mendip Court is a block beside the River Thames.
Mendip Crescent, SW11 Mendip Crescent was a block, possibly dating from the 1930s.
Mendip Road, SW11 Mendip Road was developed Edward Pain, born in Somerset in 1804, and named by him after Somerset hills.
Molasses House, SW11 Molasses House is a block on Molasses Row.
Mollases House, SW11 Mollases House is a riverside block.
Mollases Row, SW11 Mollases Row is one of a series of 1990s roads in Plantation Wharf.
Narborough Street, SW6 Narborough Street was built in late 1896.
Olive House, SW6 Olive House is a block on Townmead Road.
Orbis Wharf, SW11 Orbis Wharf stands on Bridges Court Road.
Oyster Wharf, SW11 Oyster Wharf was built between 2002 and 2004 by Barratt Homes to designs by PRC Fewster Architects.
Passenger House, SW6 Passenger House is a building on William Morris Way
Port House, SW11 Port House is on the corner of Cinnamon Row.
Prices Court, SW11 Prices Court consists of four residential blocks arranged around a courtyard.
Querrin Street, SW6 Querrin Street lies within the SW6 postal area
Reef House, SW11 Reef House is an office block dating from the 1990s.
Regent House, SW11 Regent House is a block on Lombard Road.
River Reach, SW11 River Reach serves a Battersea business zone.
Rosebury Road, SW6 Rosebury Road is in the Fulham area
Royal House, SW6 Royal House is located on Gurney Road.
rr, SW6 Salisbury House is a block on Gurney Road.
Sailmakers Court, SW6 Sailmakers Court is a block on William Morris Way.
Shell House, SW6 Shell House is a block on Gurney Road.
Sherwood Court, SW11 Sherwood Court is nine-storey block built by Berkeley Homes.
Snowbury Road, SW6 Snowbury Road lies in Fulham
Spice Court, SW11 Spice Court is a block next to Ivory House.
Steelworks Road, SW11 Steelworks Road was an industrial road of Battersea.
Stephendale Road, SW6 Stephendale Road is in the Fulham area
Stevendale Road, SW6 Stevendale Road is part of Fulham
Townmead Business Centre, SW6 Townmead Business Centre is in the Fulham part of the SW6 area
Townmead Road, SW6 Townmead Road is a location in Fulham
Trade Tower, SW11 Trade Tower is part of the Plantation Wharf development.
Vicentia Court, SW11 A street within the SW11 postcode
Wallis Close, SW11 A street within the SW11 postcode
Wandsworth Bridge Road, SW6 Wandsworth^ Bridge Road dates from the construction of the bridge in 1873.
Waterfront House, SW11 Waterfront House is a block on Lombard Road.
Watermans Quay, SW6 Watermans Quay is part of Fulham
Watermeadow Lane, SW6 Watermeadow Lane is in the Fulham part of the SW6 area
Wilberforce House, SW11 Wilberforce House is located on York Road.
William Morris Way, SW6 William Morris Way is part of Fulham
Windward House, SW11 Windward House is a 1990s-era block.
Woolneigh Street, SW6 Woolneigh Street was laid out in June 1899.
York Place, SW11 York Place is an old roadname of the area.
York Road, SW11 York Road is an older road of Battersea.


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Fulham is an area in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, SW6 (the successor to the Metropolitan Borough of Fulham).

Fulham lies on the north bank of the Thames, between Putney and Chelsea. The area is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in Greater London. It was formerly the seat of the diocese of Fulham and Gibraltar, and Fulham Palace served as the former official home of the Bishop of London (now a museum), the grounds of which are now divided between public allotments and an elegant botanical garden.

The area is home to the Fulham Football Club stadium Craven Cottage and the Chelsea Football Club stadium Stamford Bridge and the various flats and entertainment centres built into it.

Famously exclusive sports club, the Hurlingham Club, is also located within Fulham. With members having included British monarchs, the waiting list for membership currently averages over fifteen years.

Fulham Broadway has undergone considerable pedestrianisation and is home to a number of cafes, bars and salons.

Fulham has several parks and open spaces of which Bishop’s Park, Fulham Palace Gardens, Hurlingham Park, South Park, Eel Brook Common and Parsons Green are the largest. Many of the residential roads in Fulham are tree-lined, in some cases by houses painted in different pastel shades.

Fulham has appeared in a number of films, including The Omen and The L-Shaped Room. Fulham Broadway tube station was used in Sliding Doors.

Fulham is home to several schools, including independent pre-preparatory and preparatory schools.

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Badric Road, SW11 (1950s)
TUM image id: 1647278035
Licence: CC BY 2.0
Perrymead Street, SW6
TUM image id: 1466600332
Licence: CC BY 2.0

In the neighbourhood...

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Riverside apartments at Imperial Wharf (2016)
Credit: Geograph/N Chadwick
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Mendip Crescent (1982) One year later, this block was demolished.
Credit: Thames TV

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