Horizons Tower, E14

Block in/near Canary Wharf .

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Block · Canary Wharf · E14 ·
Horizons Tower can be found on Yabsley Street.

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Dawn Greene    
Added: 24 Aug 2017 13:08 GMT   

22 Emily Street
My dads family lived here in 1911 maybe before still checking that out the name was Emily Gladding lived at 22 Emily Street then she married George Cassilllo y

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Added: 16 Feb 2021 13:41 GMT   

Giraud Street
I lived in Giraud St in 1938/1939. I lived with my Mother May Lillian Allen & my brother James Allen (Known as Lenny) My name is Tom Allen and was evacuated to Surrey from Giraud St. I am now 90 years of age.



Added: 10 Nov 2023 09:42 GMT   

Brecknock Road Pleating Company
My great grandparents ran the Brecknock Road pleating Company around 1910 to 1920 and my Grandmother worked there as a pleater until she was 16. I should like to know more about this. I know they had a beautiful Victorian house in Islington as I have photos of it & of them in their garden.

Source: Family history

Added: 6 Nov 2023 16:59 GMT   

Why do Thames Water not collect the 15 . Three meter lengths of blue plastic fencing, and old pipes etc. They left here for the last TWO Years, these cause an obstruction,as they halfway lying in the road,as no footpath down this road, and the cars going and exiting the park are getting damaged, also the public are in Grave Danger when trying to avoid your rubbish and the danger of your fences.

Source: Squirrels Lane. Buckhurst Hill, Essex. IG9. I want some action ,now, not Excuses.MK.


Added: 31 Oct 2023 10:34 GMT   

Cornwall Road, W11
Photo shows William Richard Hoare’s chemist shop at 121 Cornwall Road.


Added: 30 Oct 2023 18:48 GMT   

Old pub sign from the Rising Sun
Hi I have no connection to the area except that for the last 30+ years we’ve had an old pub sign hanging on our kitchen wall from the Rising Sun, Stanwell, which I believe was / is on the Oaks Rd. Happy to upload a photo if anyone can tell me how or where to do that!

Phillip Martin   
Added: 16 Oct 2023 06:25 GMT   

16 Ashburnham Road
On 15 October 1874 George Frederick Martin was born in 16 Ashburnham Road Greenwich to George Henry Martin, a painter, and Mary Martin, formerly Southern.

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Christine Bithrey   
Added: 15 Oct 2023 15:20 GMT   

The Hollies (1860 - 1900)
I lived in Holly Park Estate from 1969 I was 8 years old when we moved in until I left to get married, my mother still lives there now 84. I am wondering if there was ever a cemetery within The Hollies? And if so where? Was it near to the Blythwood Road end or much nearer to the old Methodist Church which is still standing although rather old looking. We spent most of our childhood playing along the old dis-used railway that run directly along Blythwood Road and opposite Holly Park Estate - top end which is where we live/ed. We now walk my mothers dog there twice a day. An elderly gentleman once told me when I was a child that there used to be a cemetery but I am not sure if he was trying to scare us children! I only thought about this recently when walking past the old Methodist Church and seeing the flag stone in the side of the wall with the inscription of when it was built late 1880

If anyone has any answers please email me [email protected]

Chris hutchison   
Added: 15 Oct 2023 03:04 GMT   

35 broadhurst gardens.
35 Broadhurst gardens was owned by famous opera singer Mr Herman “Simmy”Simberg. He had transformed it into a film and recording complex.
There was a film and animation studio on the ground floor. The recording facilities were on the next two floors.
I arrived in London from Australia in 1966 and worked in the studio as the tea boy and trainee recording engineer from Christmas 1966 for one year. The facility was leased by an American advertising company called Moreno Films. Mr Simbergs company Vox Humana used the studio for their own projects as well. I worked for both of them. I was so lucky. The manager was another wonderful gentleman called Jack Price who went on to create numerous songs for many famous singers of the day and also assisted the careers of Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff. “Simmy” let me live in the bedsit,upper right hand window. Jack was also busy with projects with The Troggs,Bill Wyman,Peter Frampton. We did some great sessions with Manfred Mann and Alan Price. The Cream did some demos but that was before my time. We did lots of voice over work. Warren Mitchell and Ronnie Corbett were favourites. I went back in 1978 and “Simmy “ had removed all of the studio and it was now his home. His lounge room was still our studio in my minds eye!!

Sue L   
Added: 13 Oct 2023 17:21 GMT   

Duffield Street, Battersea
I’ve been looking for ages for a photo of Duffield Street without any luck.
My mother and grandfather lived there during the war. It was the first property he was able to buy but sadly after only a few months they were bombed out. My mother told the story that one night they were aware of a train stopping above them in the embankment. It was full of soldiers who threw out cigarettes and sweets at about four in the morning. They were returning from Dunkirk though of course my mother had no idea at the time. I have heard the same story from a different source too.


Blackwall Tunnel The Blackwall Tunnel is a pair of road tunnels which pass underneath the River Thames.
Poplar Dock Poplar Dock is a small dock that connects to the Blackwall Basin of the West India Docks.

, E14 Holmsdale House is a block on Poplar High Street.
Adventurers Court, E14 Adventurers Court is a block on Newport Avenue.
Arniston Way, E14 Arniston Way is a location in London.
Arora Tower, E14 Arora Tower can be found on Blackwall Tunnel.
Arran House, E14 Arran House is located on Prestons Road.
Aspen Way, E14 Aspen Way is a road in the E14 postcode area
Aurora Building, E14 Aurora Building is a building on Blackwall Way.
Baffin Way, E14 Baffin Way is a newer road, dating from the 1990s.
Bartholomew Court, E14 Bartholomew Court is a block on Jamestown Way.
Billingsgate Market, E14 Billingsgate Market is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
Biscayne Avenue, E14 Biscayne Avenue is a 1990s-vintage road
Blackwall Way, E14 Blackwall Way dates from the seventeenth century.
Blue Bridge, E14 Blue Bridge is a road in the SW1H postcode area
Boardwalk Place, E14 Boardwalk Place is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
Bridge House Quay, E14 Bridge House Quay was part of the Wates Built Homes scheme designed by Whittam, Cox, Ellis & Clayton on the site of the Blackwall Graving Dock.
Broadway Walk, E14 Broadway Walk is a road in the E14 postcode area
Cape Henry Court, E14 Cape Henry Court is located on Jamestown Way.
Cartier Circle, E14 Cartier Circle is a road in the E14 postcode area
Charrington Tower, E14 Charrington Tower is a block on Biscayne Avenue.
Churchill Place, E14 Churchill Place is a road in the E14 postcode area
Cold Harbour, E14 Cold Harbour is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
Corona Building, E14 Corona Building is a block on Blackwall Way.
Dominion Walk, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Dy, E14 Despite its name, Longitude House lies 0.0019 degrees west of the Prime Meridian.
Fairmont Avenue, E14 Fairmont Avenue is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
Gaselee Street, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Goodwill House, E14 Goodwill House is a block on Simpson’s Road.
Harbour Quay, E14 Harbour Quay is an Isle of Dogs development.
Harrow Lane, E14 Harrow Lane is a road in the E14 postcode area
Horatio Place, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Jamestown Way, E14 Jamestown Way is a road in the E14 postcode area
John Smith Mews, E14 John Smith Mews is a road of the Virginia Quay development.
Kintyre House, E14 Kintyre House is a block on Cold Harbour.
Lancaster Drive, E14 Lancaster Drive was designed by WCEC Architects for the Wates Group and was completed circa 1985.
Landon Walk, E14 Landon Walk is a dockside walkway.
Landons Close, E14 Landons Close is part of the Jamestown Harbour development of 73 low-density homes, situated between Poplar Dock and Blackwall Marina
Lewis House, E14 Lewis House can be found on Cold Harbour.
Longitude House, E14 Longitude House is a block on Prime Meridian Walk.
Lovegrove Walk, E14 Lovegrove Walk is a road in the E14 postcode area
Lubbock House, E14 Lubbock House is a block on Simpson’s Road.
Lumina Building, E14 Lumina Building is a block on Prestons Road.
Maple House, E14 Maple House is a block on Blackwall Way.
Martindale House, E14 Martindale House is a block on Simpsons Road.
Michigan Building, E14 Michigan Building is a block on Biscayne Avenue.
Mikardo Court, E14 Mikardo Court is a building on Poplar High Street.
Myers Walk, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
New Providence Wharf, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Newport Avenue, E14 Newport Avenue is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
North Dockside, E14 North Dockside is a road in the E14 postcode area
Norwood House, E14 Norwood House is a block on Poplar High Street.
Ontario Tower, E14 Ontario Tower is a block on Fairmont Avenue.
Park Drive, E14 Park Drive is a newer road of the Canary Wharf area.
Paul Julius Close, E14 Paul Julius Close is a road in the E14 postcode area
Polaris Apartments, E14 Polaris Apartments is a block on Prestons Road.
Prestage Way, E14 Prestage Way is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
Preston’s Road, E14 This is a street in the E14 postcode area
Prime Meridian Walk, E14 Prime Meridian Walk is a location in London.
Province Square, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Raleana Road, E14 Raleana Road is a road in the E14 postcode area
Saint Leonards Road, E14 Albert Court South is a building in Blackwall.
Scouler Street, E14 Scouler Street lies off of Quixley Street.
Skysail Building, E14 Skysail Building is located on Poplar High Street.
St Lawrence Street, E14 St Lawrence Street connects Prestons Road with Blackwall Way.
St. Lawrence Street, E14 Albert Court North is a building in Blackwall.
Streamlight Tower, E14 Streamlight Tower is a building on Blackwall Way.
Studley Court, E14 Studley Court is a block on Jamestown Way.
Susan Constant Court, E14 Susan Constant Court can be found on Newport Avenue.
The Blue Bridge, E14 The Blue Bridge is a road in the E14 postcode area
The Old Pump House, E14 The Old Pump House is a block on Prestons Road.
Trafalgar Way, E14 Trafalgar Way is one of the streets of London in the E14 postal area.
Wickes House, E14 Wickes House is a block on Poplar High Street.
Williamsburg Plaza, E14 A street within the E14 postcode
Wingfield Court, E14 Wingfield Court is sited on Newport Avenue.
Wotton Court, E14 Wotton Court can be found on Jamestown Way.
Yabsley Street, E14 Yabsley Street was a rebuilt Russell Street which had existed before the Blackwall Tunnell was built.

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Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a large business development on the Isle of Dogs, centred on the old West India Docks.

Canary Wharf originally housed cargo warehouses that catered to the docks and derived its name from trade with the Canary Islands. In the past, the docks were the busiest globally until containerisation led to their decline.

In 1981, the London Docklands Development Corporation initiated a project to rejuvenate the derelict London docks, covering an area of eight square miles. Initially, the focus was on redeveloping light industrial schemes, and the primary occupant of Canary Wharf was Limehouse Studios, a television production company.

In 1984, while searching for a location for a client’s food processing plant, Michael von Clem, the head of the investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston, visited the Docklands. He discovered vacant land and, considering the possibility of relocating City of London offices, reached out to his counterpart at Morgan Stanley. They agreed that a substantial development with critical mass would be necessary and acknowledged the need for a new Tube line to make the project viable.

The Canadian developer Olympia and York took on the project and crucially agreed to cover 50% of the proposed cost of extending the Jubilee Line. Construction of Canary Wharf commenced in 1988, with the completion of the first phase in 1992.

However, the property market experienced a collapse in the early 1990s, resulting in a decline in tenant demand, and the Jubilee Line extension faced delays due to Olympia & York’s collapse. The project went into administration, and for a while, Canary Wharf appeared destined to become a deserted development accessible only via the Docklands Light Railway.

In December 1995, an international consortium, supported by the former owners of Olympia & York, acquired the project. At this point, the working population was approximately 13 000, and over half of the office space remained unoccupied. The pivotal moment in Canary Wharf’s recovery came with the long-awaited commencement of the Jubilee Line construction, a project the government aimed to complete in time for the Millennium celebrations. From that moment, prospective tenants began to view Canary Wharf as an alternative to traditional office locations. Subsequent phases were finalised, and new phases were added.

Today, Canary Wharf thrives with major banks and news media companies as tenants. The immediate consequence of Canary Wharf’s development was the escalation of land values in the surrounding area.

Currently, Canary Wharf is connected to central London through the Canary Wharf DLR station, established in 1991, the extension of the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf tube station, inaugurated in 2000 and the 2022 Elizabeth Line.

Additionally, a river boat services from Canary Waterside connects Canary Wharf to the City of London and Greenwich.

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Poplar Baths (2005)
Credit: Gordon Joly
TUM image id: 1582639714
Licence: CC BY 2.0

In the neighbourhood...

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Northern entrance to the Blackwall Tunnel (1899)
Credit: Unknown

West India Docks
Old London postcard

East India Road, Poplar It takes it name from the former East India Docks and its route was constructed between 1806 and 1812 as a branch of the Commercial Road. The road begins in the west at Burdett Road and continues to the River Lea bridge in the east in Canning Town.
Old London postcard

Handmade cababochon using a map of the London Underground
Credit: Jane Perrone
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Aste Street
Credit: GoArt/The Underground Map
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Blackwall station and its pier in the early 20th century. East India Dock Wall Road led to it.
Credit: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/

A view of the West India Docks when they were newly built in 1802.
Licence: CC BY 2.0

A Suffragette Advertising Cart (1909) Such advertising carts were regularly hired by the Women’s Social and Political Union to publicise the campaign and announce meetings.
Credit: Museum of London

Photographer Luke Agbaimoni gave up city-scape night photography after the birth of his first child, but creating the Tube Mapper project allowed him to continue being creative, fitting photography around his new lifestyle and adding stations on his daily commute.
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/tubemapper
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Old Covent Garden
Credit: Clive Boursnell
Licence: CC BY 2.0

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