Bermondsey Street (1881)

(51.50079 -0.0819, 51.5 -0.081) 

Bermondsey Street (1881)

'One cannot help speculating as to the origins of this singular group of houses, with their eight gables. Mr Rendle, who was good enough to take great pains - unfortunately fruitless- to glean something for me about the history of these houses, tells me that in the early part of this century, houses of this type were exceedingly common in the main thoroughfares and bye places of Southwark. They are good specimens of the houses of the time of Elizabeth and somewhat later; the frame of massive timber, else mere shells of lath and plaster; but though often out of shape and leaning in all directions, wonderfully durable.'

This description was written by Alfred Marks.

Attribution: Society for Photographing Relics of Old London/Henry Dixon

Licence: Not known