The Farthing Pye House (Greene Man) in 1780

(51.52372 -0.14314, 51.523 -0.143) 

The Farthing Pye House in 1780, painted in watercolour by Thomas H. Shepherd.

This morphed into the Greene Man, on the Euston Road opposite Great Portland Street station.

It was called the Farthing Pye House as mutton pies could be bought there for a farthing.

The pub is now owned by Greene King who changed the spelling of the sign to match their branding, when they took over the Spirit Pub Company in 2015 and retired the Taylor Walker brewery brand.

In 2019, the cheapest pie on the menu was ascertained to be the Woodland Mushroom & Ale which cost £10.99. As there were 960 farthings in a pound sterling, the nominal price of a pie there has risen by a factor of over 10000.

Attribution: Thomas H. Shepherd

Licence: Not known