Postal area N1C

Postal area in/near King’s Cross, existing between 2012 and now.

(51.537 -0.125, 51.537 -0.125) 
MAP YEAR:175018001810182018301860190019502024 
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Postal area · * · N1C ·
Postcode N1C was a brand new postcode which arrived in 2012.

The area around King’s Cross has seen a huge amount of change over the past few years. It has been transformed from what was a run-down area into something new.

Spearheading this transition has been the transformation of St. Pancras station for the arrival of Eurostar and the launch of King’s Cross Central – a 67 acre development.

This consists of 8 million sq ft of mixed use space including offices, shops, homes and even a university. And in recognition of this scheme, a new ‘N1C’ postcode has been created specifically for the development.
The streets of N1C: