Branch Hill Pond

Pond in/near Hampstead, existing until 1889.

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Branch Hill Pond which was fed from a spring which was also the main source of the Westbourne.

Branch Hill Pond, which disappeared in the late nineteenth century, can still be seen as a distinct hollow in the heath which is still grassland at this point.

John Constable (1776-1837) came to Hampstead Heath in the late summer of 1819, seeking relief from urban London for his family of two children and his wife Maria who suffered from consumption. He rented a cottage at Upper Heath and at once began to paint the countryside; the uneven ground provided splendid viewpoints over the heath and toward London to the south.

By 1827 Constable had rented on a permanent basis a small four-story house at 40 Well Walk, Hampstead Heath. while still keeping a studio and minimum living space in London. He wrote Fisher that the drawing room of their new house situated on the high ground commanded "a view unequalled in Europe—from Westminster Abbey to Gravesend."

It was there in 1827 that he painted an important oil of Branch Hill Pond. Hampstead Heath. From a raised vantage point we look past a high hillock on the right across Branch Hill Pond to Windsor Castle and the fields of Harrow in the distance. Amid the rising and falling ground, labourers and farmers go about their chores of digging and hauling sand or tending animals. Two men fill a two-wheeled cart with sand much in demand for London building. A figure urges three donkeys towards us around the shoulder of the hill. Tiny figures of bathers appear at the near edge of the pond at which a horse with rider drinks. A single figure with walking staff is seated above the sand diggers on the hill which partly conceals the roof and chimneys of a local architectural landmark known as the Salt Box.

In the distance to the left, a local thunderstorm showers an area beyond Windsor. Constable painted the broken ground’of the heath, its hillocks and hollows in all their roughness. He took great delight in capturing the weedy bank in the foreground with separate thick strokes of sandy brown and green over a warm underpaint.

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Lived here
Cassandra Green   
Added: 11 Sep 2020 14:34 GMT   

Rudall Crescent, NW3 (- 1999)
I lived at 2 Rudall Crescent until myself and my family moved out in 1999. I once met a lady in a art fair up the road who was selling old photos of the area and was very knowledgeable about the area history, collecting photos over the years. She told me that before the current houses were built, there was a large manor house , enclosed by a large area of land. She told me there had been a fire there. Im trying to piece together the story and find out what was on the land before the crescent was built. This website is very interesting.

Lived here
Added: 22 Sep 2022 18:30 GMT   

Well Walk, NW3 (1817 - 1818)
The home of Benthy, the Postman, with whom poet John Keats and his brother Tom lodged from early 1817 to Dec., 1818. They occupied the first floor up. Here Tom died Dec. 1, 1818. It was next door to the Welles Tavern then called ’The Green Man’."

From collected papers and photos re: No. 1 Well Walk at the library of Harvard University.

Source: No. 1, Well Walk, Hampstead. | HOLLIS for


James Preston   
Added: 28 Apr 2021 09:06 GMT   

Was this the location of Rosslyn House prep school? I have a photograph of the Rosslyn House cricket team dated 1910 which features my grandfather (Alan Westbury Preston). He would have been 12 years old at the time. All the boys on the photo have been named. If this is the location of the school then it appears that the date of demolition is incorrect.

Graham Margetson   
Added: 9 Feb 2021 14:33 GMT   

I lived at 4 Arkwright Road before it was the school
My parents lived at 4 Arkwright Road. Mrs Goodwin actually owned the house and my parents rented rooms from her.

Lived here
Added: 10 Dec 2020 23:51 GMT   

Wellgarth Road, NW11
I lived at 15 Wellgarth Road with my parents and family from 1956 until I left home in the 70s and continued to visit my mother there until she moved in the early 80s. On the first day we moved in we kids raced around the garden and immediately discovered an air raid shelter that ran right underneath the house which I assume was added in the run-up to WW2. There was a basement room with its own entrance off the garden and right opposite where the air raid shelter emerged. In no time at all up high near the ceiling of this room, we discovered a door which, while we were little enough, we could enter by standing on some item of furniture, haul ourselves in and hide from the grownups. That room was soundproof enough for us kids to make a racket if we wanted to. But not too loud if my dad was playing billiards in the amazing wood-panelled room immediately above. We had no idea that we were living in such an historical building. To us it was just fun - and home!

Born here
Added: 16 Nov 2022 12:39 GMT   

The Pearce family lived in Gardnor Road
The Pearce family moved into Gardnor Road around 1900 after living in Fairfax walk, my Great grandfather, wife and there children are recorded living in number 4 Gardnor road in the 1911 census, yet I have been told my grand father was born in number 4 in 1902, generations of the Pearce continue living in number 4 as well other houses in the road up until the 1980’s

Kevin Pont   
Added: 29 Aug 2023 15:25 GMT   

The deepest station
At 58m below ground, Hampstead is as deep as Nelson’s Column is tall.

Source: Hampstead tube station - Wikipedia



Added: 24 Sep 2023 19:09 GMT   

Meyrick Rd
My family - Roe - lived in poverty at 158 Meyrick Rd in the 1920s, moving to 18 Lavender Terrace in 1935. They also lived in York Rd at one point. Alf, Nell (Ellen), plus children John, Ellen (Did), Gladys, Joyce & various lodgers. Alf worked for the railway (LMS).

Born here
Added: 20 Sep 2023 21:10 GMT   

Momentous Birth!
I was born in the upstairs front room of 28 Tyrrell Avenue in August 1938. I was a breach birth and quite heavy ( poor Mum!). My parents moved to that end of terrace house from another rental in St Mary Cray where my three year older brother had been born in 1935. The estate was quite new in 1938 and all the properties were rented. My Father was a Postman. I grew up at no 28 all through WWII and later went to Little Dansington School


Mike Levy   
Added: 19 Sep 2023 18:10 GMT   

Bombing of Arbour Square in the Blitz
On the night of September 7, 1940. Hyman Lubosky (age 35), his wife Fay (or Fanny)(age 32) and their son Martin (age 17 months) died at 11 Arbour Square. They are buried together in Rainham Jewish Cemetery. Their grave stones read: "Killed by enemy action"


Lady Townshend   
Added: 8 Sep 2023 16:02 GMT   

Tenant at Westbourne (1807 - 1811)
I think that the 3rd Marquess Townshend - at that time Lord Chartley - was a tenant living either at Westbourne Manor or at Bridge House. He undertook considerable building work there as well as creating gardens. I am trying to trace which house it was. Any ideas gratefully received


Alex Britton   
Added: 30 Aug 2023 10:43 GMT   

Late opening
The tracks through Roding Valley were opened on 1 May 1903 by the Great Eastern Railway (GER) on its Woodford to Ilford line (the Fairlop Loop).

But the station was not opened until 3 February 1936 by the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER, successor to the GER).

Source: Roding Valley tube station - Wikipedia

Kevin Pont   
Added: 30 Aug 2023 09:52 GMT   

Roding Valley is the quietest tube station, each year transporting the same number of passengers as Waterloo does in one day.


Kevin Pont   
Added: 30 Aug 2023 09:47 GMT   

The connection with Bletchley Park
The code-breaking computer used at Bletchley Park was built in Dollis Hill.

Kevin Pont   
Added: 29 Aug 2023 15:15 GMT   

Not as Central as advertised...
Hendon Central was by no means the centre of Hendon when built, being a green field site. It was built at the same time as both the North Circular Road and the A41 were built as major truck roads �’ an early example of joined up London transport planning.


Branch Hill Pond Branch Hill Pond which was fed from a spring which was also the main source of the Westbourne.
Heath House Heath House is a Grade II* listed historic mansion on Hampstead Heath.
Whitestone Pond Whitestone Pond is the source of one of London’s lost rivers, the River Westbourne.

Admiral’s Walk, NW3 Admiral’s Walk extends from Hampstead Grove to Lower Terrace.
Albany House, NW3 Albany House is located on Flask Walk.
Birchwood Drive, NW3 Birchwood Drive is a street in Hampstead.
Bolton House, NW3 Bolton House is a block on Frognal Rise.
Branch Hill House, NW3 Branch Hill House is a block on Spedan Close.
Branch Hill, NW3 Branch Hill is a street in Hampstead.
Burleigh House, NW3 Burleigh House is a block on West Heath Road.
Cannon Place, NW3 Cannon Place is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Carnegie House, NW3 Residential block
Caroline House, NW3 Caroline House is a building on The Mount.
Christ Church, NW3 Christ Church is a street in Hampstead.
Christchurch Passage, NW3 Christchurch Passage is a location in London.
Church House, NW3 Church House is sited on Cannon Place.
Coach House, NW3 Coach House is a block on Templewood Avenue.
Conrad Court, NW3 Conrad Court is a block on Redington Gardens.
East View, NW3 East View is a location in London.
Elm Row, NW3 Elm Row is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Firecrest Drive, NW3 Firecrest Drive is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Flask Cottages, NW3 Flask Cottages is a street in Hampstead.
Fleet House, NW3 Fleet House is located on Vale of Health.
Fountain House, NW3 Fountain House is located on Lower Terrace.
Frognal House, NW3 Frognal House is a block on Frognal.
Frognal Rise, NW3 Frognal Rise is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Gainsborough House, NW3 Gainsborough House is sited on Frognal Rise.
Gardnor Road, NW3 Gardnor Road is a street in Hampstead.
Grange Gardens, NW3 Grange Gardens is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Grove Place, NW3 Grove Place is a street in Hampstead.
Hampstead Grove, NW3 Hampstead Grove runs parallel to Heath Street and leads south to Holly Bush Hill.
Hampstead Square, NW3 Hampstead Square is a street in Hampstead.
Hawthorne House, NW3 Hawthorne House is sited on Upper Terrace.
Heath Brow, NW3 Heath Brow is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Heath House, NW3 Heath House is a block on Spaniards Road.
Heath Street, NW3 Heath Street is a street in Hampstead.
Heath Villas, NW3 Heath Villas is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Heysham House, NW3 Heysham House is a block on Heysham Lane.
Heysham Lane, NW3 Heysham Lane is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Highview House, NW3 Highview House is a block on Upper Terrace.
Hill House, NW3 Hill House is a building on Redington Road.
Holford Road, NW3 This is a street in the NW3 postcode area
Holly Berry Lane, NW3 Holly Berry Lane is a street in Hampstead.
Holly Bush Hill, NW3 Holly Bush Hill is a location in London.
Holly Hill, NW3 Holly Hill is a street in Hampstead.
Holly Mount, NW3 Holly Mount is a street in Hampstead.
Hollyberry Lane, NW3 Hollyberry Lane is a location in London.
Inverforth House, NW3 Inverforth House is sited on North End Way.
Judges Walk House, NW3 Judges Walk House is a block on Branch Hill.
Judges’ Walk, NW3 Judges’ Walk is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Ladywell Court, NW3 Ladywell Court is a block on East Heath Road.
Lakis Close, NW3 Lakis Close is a street in Hampstead.
Langtry House, NW3 Langtry House is a block on East Heath Road.
Lawn House, NW3 Lawn House is located on Elm Row.
Lower Terrace, NW3 Lower Terrace is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Mansion Gardens, NW3 This is a street in the NW3 postcode area
Merlin House, NW3 Merlin House is a block on Oak Hill Park.
Mount Vernon House, NW3 Mount Vernon House is located on Mount Vernon.
Mount Vernon, NW3 Mount Vernon is a road in the NW3 postcode area
New End Square, NW3 New End Square is a street in Hampstead.
New End, NW3 New End is a street in Hampstead.
North End Way, NW3 North End Way is the name for the southernmost section of North End Road - running from Hampstead to Golders Green.
Northcote House, NW3 Northcote House is a block on Heath Street.
Oak Hill House, NW3 Oak Hill House is a block on Redington Road.
Oak Hill Park Mews, NW3 Oak Hill Park Mews first appears on the 1900 map.
Oak Hill Park Mews, NW3 Oak Hill Park Mews is a street in Hampstead.
Oak Hill Park, NW3 Oak Hill Park is a street in Hampstead.
Oak Hill Way, NW3 Oak Hill Way is a street in Hampstead.
Oak Tree House, NW3 Oak Tree House is a block on Redington Gardens.
Pavilion Court, NW3 Pavilion Court is a block on Frognal Rise.
Redington Gardens, NW3 Redington Gardens is the northern extension of Heath Drive in Hampstead.
Redington Road, NW3 Redington Road is a street in Hampstead.
Savoy Court, NW3 Savoy Court is a block on Firecrest Drive.
Schreiber House, NW3 Schreiber House is a block on West Heath Road.
Spedan Close, NW3 Spedan Close was the site of an innovative council housing scheme.
Spencer House, NW3 Spencer House is sited on Vale of Health.
Squire’s Mount, NW3 Squire’s Mount leads south off of East Heath Road.
Squires Mount House, NW3 Squires Mount House is a block on Squire’s Mount.
Streatley Place, NW3 Streatley Place is a street in Hampstead.
Telegraph Hill, NW3 Telegraph Hill is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Templewood Avenue, NW3 Templewood Avenue is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Templewood Gardens, NW3 Templewood Gardens is a road in the NW3 postcode area
The Mount, NW3 The Mount is a road in the NW3 postcode area
The Old Court House, NW3 The Old Court House is a building on North End Way.
The Wells House, NW3 The Wells House is a block on Well Walk.
Upper Terrace House, NW3 Upper Terrace House is sited on Upper Terrace.
Upper Terrace, NW3 Upper Terrace is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Vale House, NW3 Vale House is a block on Vale of Health.
Vale of Health, NW3 Vale of Health is a road and community on Hampstead Heath.
Vine House, NW3 Vine House is a block on Hampstead Square.
Volta House, NW3 Volta House is located on Windmill Hill.
Whitestone House, NW3 Whitestone House is a block on Whitestone Lane.
Whitestone Lane, NW3 Whitestone Lane is a road in the NW3 postcode area
Windmill Hill House, NW3 Windmill Hill House is located on Hampstead Grove.
Windmill Hill, NW3 Windmill Hill is a street in Hampstead.


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Hampstead though now considered an integral part of London, has retained much of its village charm.

Hampstead is on a steep hill and the tube station platforms are the deepest on the London Underground network, at 58.5 metres below ground level. It has the deepest lift shaft on the Underground.

Although early records of Hampstead itself can be found in a grant by King Ethelred the Unready to the monastery of St. Peter's at Westminster (AD 986) and it is referred to in the Domesday Book (1086), the history of Hampstead is generally traced back to the 17th century.

Trustees of the Well started advertising the medicinal qualities of the chalybeate waters (water impregnated with iron) in 1700. Although Hampstead Wells was initially successful, its popularity declined in the 1800s due to competition with other London spas. The spa was demolished in 1882, although a water fountain was left behind.

Hampstead started to expand following the opening of the North London Railway in the 1860s (now on the London Overground), and expanded further after the tube station opened in 1907.

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Victorian house under construction
TUM image id: 1483541885
Licence: CC BY 2.0
Holly Walk, NW3
TUM image id: 1455451397
Licence: CC BY 2.0
North End Road, NW11
TUM image id: 1492987726

In the neighbourhood...

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The Old Bull and Bush The Old Bull and Bush, near Hampstead Heath, gave its name to the music hall song "Down at the old Bull and Bush" sung by Florrie Forde. The interior was renovated to a modern, gastropub style in 2006. Until the introduction of the smoking ban in England in 2007, The Bull and Bush was one of the few completely smoke-free pubs in London. The earliest record of a building on the site is of a farmhouse in 1645. The farmhouse gained a licence to sell ale in 1721. William Hogarth drank here, and is believed to have been involved in planting out the pub garden.
Old London postcard

Heath House, Hampstead
Credit: GoArt/The Underground Map
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Church Row, NW3 Church Row is an eighteenth-century residential street. Many of the properties are listed on the National Heritage List for England. The writer H. G. Wells bought No. 17 in 1909 and lived there with his wife, Jane. The comedian Peter Cook bought No. 17 for £24,000 in 1965. Cook and Dudley Moore wrote their Pete & Dud routines in the attic.

Flask Walk, Hampstead (1922)
Credit: Charles Ginner (1878-1952)

Holly Walk, NW3
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Removing the ’Dick Turpin House and Stables’ which once stood close to the Spaniards Inn, Hampstead, January 1934. The building caused an even narrower traffic obstruction than the pub still does today
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Spedan Close
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Yorkshire Grey Place, NW3
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Church Row, Hampstead. This etching appears as the frontispiece of 'An introduction to Hampstead' by G.E. Mitton, published in 1902.
Licence: CC BY 2.0

Whitestone Pond (1900s)
Licence: CC BY 2.0

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