Thermopylae Gate, E14

Road in/near Cubitt Town, existing between 1921 and now.

(51.4898 -0.01646, 51.489 -0.016) 
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Thermopylae Gate is part of the Chapel House Estate.

Houses in the Chapel House Estate were built on land acquired partly from the Charteris Estate and partly from the Strafford Estate by Poplar Council and designed in a ’Neo-Georgian’ style by Sir Frank Baines.

The houses were built by local building contractor, Griggs & Sons whose premised were located on the current location of Island Gardens DLR station.

Poplar Council agreed to provide one fruit tree for each garden with the planting being done by unemployed ex-servicemen.

Work began in December 1919 and in January 1920, George Lansbury the mayor of Poplar, ceremonially cut the first turf.

The estate was complete at the end of 1921.

The estate survived the Second World War remarkably unscathed. Not a single house on the estate was destroyed or seriously damaged.


Main source: Isle of Dogs – Past Life, Past Lives | Two Hundred Years of Docks, Industry & Islanders
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None so far :(

Added: 7 Jul 2024 16:26 GMT   

Haycroft Gardens, NW10
My Grandfather bought No 45 Buchanan Gdns in I believe 1902 and died ther in the early 1950s

Added: 7 Jul 2024 16:20 GMT   

Haycroft Gardens, NW10
I lived in No 7 from 1933 to 1938


Sylvia guiver   
Added: 4 Jul 2024 14:52 GMT   

Grandparents 1937 lived 37 Blandford Square
Y mother and all her sisters and brother lived there, before this date , my parent wedding photographers were take in the square, I use to visit with my mother I remember the barge ballon in the square in the war.

Born here
Roy Mathieson   
Added: 27 Jun 2024 16:25 GMT   

St Saviours
My great grandmother was born in Bowling Green Lane in 1848. The family moved from there to Earl Terrace, Bermondsey in 1849. I have never been able to locate Earl Terrace on maps.


Added: 26 Jun 2024 13:10 GMT   

Buckhurst Street, E1
Mt grandfather, Thomas Walton Ward had a musical instrument workshop in Buckhurst Street from 1934 until the street was bombed during the war. Grandfather was a partner in the musical instrument firm of R.J. Ward and Sons of Liverpool. He died in 1945 and is buried in a common grave at Abney Park Cemetery.

Lived here
Mike Dowling   
Added: 15 Jun 2024 15:51 GMT   

Family ties (1936 - 1963)
The Dowling family lived at number 13 Undercliffe Road for
Nearly 26 years. Next door was the Harris family

Evie Helen   
Added: 13 Jun 2024 00:03 GMT   

Vickers Road
The road ’Vickers Road’ is numbered rather differently to other roads in the area as it was originally built as housing for the "Vickers" arms factory in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. Most of the houses still retain the original 19th century tiling and drainage outside of the front doors.


Paul Harris    
Added: 12 Jun 2024 12:54 GMT   

Ellen Place, E1
My mother’s father and his family lived at 31 Ellen Place London E1 have a copy of the 1911 census showing this


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Deptford Ferry Road - view of Britannia Dock. Above the terraced houses the masts and yards of the barque Killoran can be seen under repair in Britannia Dry Dock in 1928.
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