Cain’s Lane Mission Church
Cain’s Lane Mission Church (1935)

This was a Baptist chapel built in 1901, disappeared in 1944 under Heathrow Airport.

Credit: User unknown/public domain
Cain’s Lane Mission Church was built by Sipson Baptist Church in 1901.

Sipson Baptist Church built the Cain’s Lane mission hall adjoining the road to cater for the residents of Heath Row. It was constructed out of corrugated iron - typical of the tin tabernacles prefered by non-conformist churches because of their low building cost.

It lay just to the north of Shrub End Farm belonging to the Wild family who had farmed locally for more than three hundred years.

Although there had been earlier churches at Heath Row, this was the only church in the hamlet.

It remained in use until 1944 when it was demolished to make way for the airport.

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